Tale of the Monkey Balloon

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Tale of the Monkey Balloon

Reading With Your Kids Podcast Starring Mindy Winebrenner

Has your child ever lost a balloon and wondered where it went? The Monkey Balloon takes children on an adventure of a young girl’s quest to find her Monkey Balloon.

A few weeks back we posted about a Kickstarter Campaign supporting the publication of the new children’s book Tale of the Monkey Balloon. We are excited to welcome one of the authors of that book, Mindy Winebrenner to the show.

Mindy Winebrenner is a special needs teacher and part of the creative team behind The Monkey Balloon. Mindy, along with speech and language therapist Rebecca Eisenberg and illustrator Yuki Osada have created a wonderfully engaging adventure in The Monkey Balloon. Mindy is here with us today to tell us how we can engage our kids in books, even our very young children.

“Looking at the pictures together, asking your child to point to different objects or colors on a page, this is a way to help our very young children learn basic reading skills.”

Mindy is also here to let us know about the Kickstarter campaign to help make Tale of the Monkey Balloon, the exciting sequel, a reality. We talk about the benefits crowdfunding is bringing to authors and parents, and how taking part in a crowdfunding campaign can help empower a child and give the child a sense of ownership in the publication of a book.

Click on this link to download a free coloring page from The Monkey Balloon coloring-book_1

There is so much information packed into this episode of the Reading With Your Kids Podcast, you do not want to miss a second of it.

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