Calee Lee – Passionate About Helping Kids Learn To Love Reading

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Reading With Your Kids Podcast Starring Calee Lee

Calee Lee is an author and founder of Xist publishing, and today she is a guest on this episode of the Reading With Your Kids Podcast. Calee is one of the first authors to agree to come on the podcast. I discovered her through a search for faith filled kids books.

Calee’s books came up right at the top of that search. Calee is the author of some wonderful books for kids, including Women of Faith, The Queen and the Cats and I Love You.

Calee also has a passion for the classics. Her publishing company has recently launched an innovative effort to reignite interest in some classic literature. Taking advantage of the current popularity in adult coloring books, Xist has published a series of books featuring coloring quotes from classic works like Jane Austen, Anne of Green Gables and the Bible

I had a great time speaking with Calee, and I am sure you will love to getting to know her too.



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