RWYK Podcast: Let’s talk “The Uno Series & I Am Tan”

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In conversation with Papa Bean and Michele Rose, authors of the Uno Series & I Am Tan

Hello our dear listeners! Today on the Reading with Your Kids podcast, It is indeed a special privilege and a pleasure to welcome two amazing authors Papa Bean and Michele Rose to talk about their beautiful books and share their passion of writing with our listeners.

Listen in as Papa Bean discusses all the three books released in the series so far namely Uno Tries New Food, Uno and the Bully and Uno’s Missing Bones. 

Michele discusses I Am Tan, a beautiful story of a boy exploring his identity.  Michele talks about encouraging children to embrace and love the various races that make them special.  Get your cup of coffee ready, and let’s get started!


Here’s more information about Papa Bean

Image may contain: 1 person, dog, hat and outdoorPapa Bean was born and raised in Montana. He spent five years serving in the US army. After he separated from active duty he moved home and started a family. Papa Bean has written other titles including Uno’s missing bone and Uno tries new food. All of the Uno titles place special emphasis on learning manners and raising the self esteem and morale of readers.


More about Uno Tries New Food

Uno Tries New Food by Papa BeanUno Tries New Food is the second installment of the Uno series. It encourages picky eaters to step out of their comfort zone and try foods that they otherwise would not. By helping Uno eat foods he doesn’t like, young readers will learn that strange foods aren’t always bad foods. They will also be encouraged to show good manners. Join Uno and his friends at dinner as Uno discovers new foods. But Uno doesn’t want to eat them! Can you help Uno discover the joys of new and fun foods?


More about Uno and the bully

The Uno Series by Papa BeanJoin Uno and his friends at the park were they encounter a bully named Spike, a young piglet that doesn’t want to share. can you help them show Spike how much fun the park can be when people share and play together? Uno and the bully is the third instalment to the Uno book line and is intended to show children that it is OK to stand up to a bully in a non aggressive manner and that if they see someone being bullied or at themselves being bullied that they should tell an adult and bring attention to it.


More about Uno’s Missing Bone

Uno's missing bone by [Bean, Papa]Uno’s missing bone is designed to inspire young children to learn teamwork as well as imagination in addition to good manners and social skills. It is written to be easy and enjoyable for both parents and children to read together.

Uno has lost his favorite bone and needs YOUR help to find it! Join Uno and his friends Bumper the bunny and Robbie the robin as they search for their friends missing bone. Can you help them find it?


Here is the link to Amazon to get your own copy of  The Uno Series


Where can we find Papa Bean on the internet?



Here’s more information about Michele Rose

Author Michele Rose, grew up in Alabama, with a front row view of racism and poverty. Her experiences have led her to be an advocate of educating others about race and inequality, while also actively seeking to advance childhood literacy. She continues to do this through her writing, and also by speaking in schools.


More about I Am Tan

I Am Tan by [Rose, Michele]There are white people, black people, brown people, red people and yellow people, but what about the people who are bi-racial or multi-racial? They may find that they do not fit so neatly into one of these basic colors.

This question of race and color leads one six-year-old boy named Christian, on a quest to seek answers. He asks his parents, kids at school and teachers what color they think he is, and what color he should say he is. As the day progresses, he hears stereotypes about race and color, but he also hears valuable information which helps him to embrace all of who he is. By the end of the day, he has learned to think outside of a black and white box.


Grab your copy of I am Tan today to help start the conversation with your kids about race, stereotypes and color


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In this episode,

  • You’ll hear more about all the books in The Uno Series including Uno Tries New Food, Uno and the Bully and Uno’s Missing Bones
  • What inspired Papa Bean to write for young children and what was the driving force behind creating this series
  • What does Papa Bean hopes children will take away from his series and the character?
  • We also discuss I am Tan with Michele Rose
  • Inspiration behind writing this book, Who influenced her story and some well researched facts about race and stereotypes in our society.
  • What kind of message Michele wants people to take away from her book and much more. Be sure to tune in to know all about I am Tan and the delightful Uno Series!


Thank you so much to Papa Bean and Michele Rose for being a part of our show and sharing your stories with us!



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