Meet Paisley: A caterpillar’s journey into becoming a butterfly!

Meet Paisley: A caterpillar’s journey into becoming a butterfly! post thumbnail image

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Author Doreen Grace Kester Discusses Paisley & more!

Hello, and welcome to the Reading with your kids podcast, your one stop solution to all your children’s book needs!

We have an extra special episode for you this time! In today’s episode, we talk about a subject that is very close to our heart “Positive self-talk and the value of being yourself”. We bring author Doreen Grace Kester along to talk about her wonderful new children’s book Paisley. Tune in to learn more about Paisley & her journey to become a beautiful butterfly!

Here’s more information about Doreen Grace Kester

Doreen Grace KesterAdventurer, storyteller, and illustrator, Doreen Grace Kester studied creative writing through the Institute of Children’s Literature and art at the University of Oregon College of Design. Doreen lives in the Pacific Northwest, along with her husband and daughter, nestled between the mountains and the sea. Whenever she is not working on a project of some sort, Doreen can likely be found hiking the forested trails, or paddling around an orange kayak, looking for the next adventure.

More about Paisley

A caterpillar’s journey into becoming a butterfly!

Paisley is bullied by a squirrel named Rasma.
Everywhere Paisley turns Rasma is not far behind.
Will Paisley ever become all she is made to be? Read on to join Paisley as  she transforms into a beautiful butterfly and flies off into happiness.

In this episode

  • Doreen talks about Paisley and describes the main characters of her book
  • Doreen explains how Paisley can be a great book for parents to talk to their little ones about bullying and importance of listening to their own inner voice and not the negative ones around them.
  • gives us an exclusive sneak peek into her upcoming books & more.

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If you are feeling rather adventurous yourself, you can try out one of the experimental plant-based recipes found on Doreen’s blog at her website

Visit her Website:



Twitter: @1DoreenGrace



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