Elara, STEM Girl: Children’s book to inspire a love for STEM!

Elara, STEM Girl: Children’s book to inspire a love for STEM! post thumbnail image

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An Interview With Leela Ayyar, 18-Year-Old Author of Elara, STEM Girl

Today, we’re so excited to be joined by Leela Ayyar, an eighteen year old author of a wonderful children’s book Elara, Stem Girl that encourages a love of science, technology, engineering & Math in young girls. Leela is joining us to talk about her passion for STEM, Inspiration for Elara, stem Girl, Her journey of becoming a writer & her Kickstarter Campaign. Be sure to tune in to this episode to know more about Leela & how her book is different than the rest!

Here’s more information about Leela Ayyar

Image result for Elara, STEM GirlLeela is a 18 year old High School Student who has always been inspired by STEM- Science,Technology, Engineering and Math. When Leela helped her 8 year old sister who was encountering the same issues and stereotypes that she had faced, she realized that many young girls would likely face those challenges alone and that is how the children’s book Elara, STEM Girl came to be. Leela is an aspiring Astrophysicist and is active in many clubs and activities surrounding STEM such as: Kids are Scientists Too, Technology Student Association and Team America Rocketry Challenge.

More about Elara, STEM Girl

Elara, STEM Girl is a book to help encourage girls to be interested in STEM. Elara is a young girl who loves Science, Technology, Engineering & Math who conquers obstacles & shows her friends how fun STEM can be!




In this episode

  • Leela talks about Elara, Stem Girl and shares with us what inspired her to write this story
  • Jed & Leela discuss how STEM attempts to answer how technology works & helps in understanding important ideas, big and small.
  • Leela explains how her book encourages young girls to continue their love for STEM by showing readers how to manage being the minority, Math anxiety, Stereotypes & fighting fear of failure.
  • She also talks about her research & collaborative approach she used while writing her book to address the the most needed issues to encourage girls to take an interest in STEM and stick with it!
  • Leela discusses what’s next for her after the release of Elara, Stem Girl & much more….Happy Listening!

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You can discover more about Leela Ayyar and her work by visiting

Visit her website: www.elarastemgirl.com

Check out her kickstarter Campaign & support her: www.kickstarter.com/projects/906365131/elara-stem-girl-childrens-book-to-inspire-a-love-f




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