RWYK Author Interview: “Bello the Cello” by Dennis Mathew!!

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Reading with Your Kids Podcast Ft. Dennis Mathew, author of “Bello the Cello”


Happy Sunday listeners!

In our exciting episode today, children’s author Dennis Mathew introduces us to his wonderful picture book “Bello the Cello”. This book introduces us to a harmonic band of adorable classmates and the questions children face as they enter new situations.

Bello the Cello is a heart-warming story based on the uniqueness honoring theme “everyone has their own song to share with the world”. It provides hope for the reader. Bello’s experience shows how ALL shine uniquely & become a part of something bigger than themselves.


About the author

Dennis MathewDennis Mathew, a speech pathologist who has been working in elementary schools for over 10 years, realizes his life-long dream of becoming a children’s book author with Bello the Cello. He enjoys writing to encourage the everyday young underdog who strives to realize his or her God-given potential. Dennis aims to inspire wonder in the minds of his readers, to look at the world through the innocent and limitless mind of a child.


Finally, Where Can We Find Dennis Mathew Online?


More about “Bello the Cello”

What’s my song? Will I fit in?

Bello the Cello by Dennis MathewThese are the questions we find a young Cello named Bello asking himself as he tries to navigate the novelties of his first day at school. When inspiration from the magical sounds of his new classmates mixes with the encouragement and the gentle nudge of other whimsical characters, Bello arrives at the discovery of his gift, the magic of his song.


Bello the Cello is now available on Amazon!


In this episode of the Reading with Your Kids Podcast, you’ll hear:

  • Introduction to a speech pathologist and children’s books author, Dennis Mathew
  • His latest title, Bello the Cello
  • The inspiration behind writing this book
  • Dennis describes a few different takeaways that he would want parents and children to take away from reading his book
  • What kind of reactions Dennis Mathew has been receiving for Bello the Cello?
  • What is he currently working on?


A big Thank You To Dennis Mathew for joining us, and for introducing his wonderful book to our listeners!



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