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#RWYK Certified Great Read #Review – How to Catch a Keeper! by Stephanie Mulligan

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Happy Friday readers!

It’s time yet again to introduce ya’ll to another great read that is sure to win your family’s heart. Reading with Your Kids can’t wait to announce that How to Catch a Keeper! is our brand NEW Certified Great Read! It’s a delightful and educational picture book about a day out on a Maine lobster boat, The Lucky Catch.

How to Catch a Keeper! is an adventurous tale written by Stephanie Mulligan, beautifully illustrated by Connie Rand. Great for kids aged three to eight. It focuses on a lobster fishing tour boat and covers everything from the lingo used by lobster fishermen and what happens during a day on the boat to the lobster conservation.

Read on to learn all about this beautiful and insightful read!

Let’s Have A Look At The Book Blurb

How to Catch a Keeper! by Stephanie Mulligan

"How to Catch a Keeper!" Luke and Layla’s dad convince them to go on an adventure to the Maine coast! The inspiration for this story is based on Captain Tom’s lobster excursion: Lucky Catch Cruises located on Long Wharf in Portland, Maine.

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“How to Catch a Keeper!” is now available on Amazon!



Here’s More Information About Stephanie Mulligan

Stephanie Mulligan worked on the Lucky Catch, a lobster fishing tour boat, with Captain Tom Martin for eight summers. She wanted to capture the experience and remember it forever because each time she stepped on the boat was a new journey, and it never got old! After growing up in Otisfield, a beautiful village in western Maine, working for Captain Tom gave her the opportunity to meet people from all over the world who wanted to learn about lobstering! This was the perfect summer job combining the best of both worlds—education and the Maine outdoors.

Stephanie Mulligan

She graduated from the University of Maine at Orono with her B.S. in Elementary Education and a concentration in English. Then she began writing her first book to illustrate these wonderful lobster excursions.

Stephanie lives in Maine with her husband, Matthew, and their darling children.


Where Can We Find Stephanie On The Internet?

Visit her website




Our Review

Get ready to go on a great adventure with our latest Reading with Your Kids Certified Great Read!

How to Catch a Keeper! by Stephanie Mulligan is a fascinating book you and your kids will LOVE reading over and over again.

Based on the author’s experiences, How to Catch a Keeper! takes readers to beautiful Casco Bay along the coast of Maine. Siblings Luke and Layla love to explore all that area has to offer. The highlight of the trip is a hands-on trip on a working lobster boat.

Through Luke and Layla, readers will discover how lobsters see caught. Captain Tom teaches us how to bait the lobster traps and how distinctively colored bouies are used to identify traps. We also learn how long are measured and how egg-bearing lobsters are returned to the ocean.

On our cruise through Casco Bay, we also encounter see guild, seals, and cormorants. We really appreciated the glossary of the lobstering lingo that appears at the end of the story. Connie Rand has created wonderful illustrations that perfectly compliment Stephanie Mulligan’s rhyming story.

How to Catch a Keeper! is a great story that can inspire family conversations about cooperation, conservation and how food gets to our table.




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A big thank you to the author for providing us a free copy of his book through Reading with your Kids certified program. The opinions expressed in this review are entirely our own.



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