Choose “The WingaDoos” to Teach Kids About Strong Money Habits

Choose “The WingaDoos” to Teach Kids About Strong Money Habits post thumbnail image

Reading With Your Kids Podcast Ft. Sam Wils, Co-founder & CEO of The WingaDoos

WingaDoos, animated stories for kids ages 4 to 8 that teach money habits like saving, spending, giving and growing.

Did you know that money habits are formed by the age of 7? The time to start teaching healthy money habits is now.

Joining us on today’s edition of the Reading With Your Kids Podcast to talk about the perfect financial literacy teaching tool is Sam Wills, the owner of the WingaDoos.Com.

WingaDoos are animated, interactive financial literacy lessons for elementary kids, parents, and educators. Tune in as our guest Sam Wills shares his inspiration to create, animated stories that give kids between 4-8 a fun, engaging way to learn all about the choices they can make with money – how to save, spend, grow and give properly, while providing both progress quizzes, rewards for performance, and teacher materials for parents to help have healthy money conversation at home.



Interview Talking Points & Guided Questions:

  • Who are The WingaDoos, and what inspired Sam Wills to create this website?
  • Tools and resources for educators and parents

  • WingaDoos animated videos that incorporate catchy songs with powerful lyrics, while interactive stories help reinforce smart decision-making skills
  • Educational materials to supplement lessons

  • WingaDoos App that builds strong money habits in children through engaging storytelling
  • What’s next for the WingaDoos and Sam Wils?


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