“Let’s Make Yoga Magic” with Heather Leah!!

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Reading with Your Kids Podcast Starring Heather Leah, author of “Let’s Make Yoga Magic”

Can Kids do Yoga?

Yes! children’s yoga guide and an author of a soon to be released children’s book, Heather Leah joins us on the Reading with Your Kids podcast to answer all your questions and concerns about Yoga and if it is something that kids can benefit from.

In our exciting interview, Heather talks about her upcoming book “Let’s Make Yoga Magic“, shares her beliefs in yoga and explains that yoga is all about moving the body, breathing deeply, using mindful listening, and practicing kindness, compassion, and empathy. She talks about her experience as a former preschool teacher and how yoga in schools is crucial as children grow into kind, compassionate, and empathetic adults. She also believes having yoga creates a more positive classroom environment for both students and teachers and fosters engaging and calming routines to help children throughout the day regulate their emotions and relate to one another.

If you are interested in developing a yoga curriculum for your school or hosting a yoga birthday party for your child, this episode is for you!


About the Author

You can learn more about Heather & her work by visiting

her website: www.heatherleah.com


Learn more about “Let’s Make Yoga Magic”

Let's Make Yoga MagicMake yoga magic with the most beautiful and interactive kid’s yoga book out there! Pull the levers, turn the wheels, and watch as 13 adorable children come to life to act out 13 yoga poses and create other yoga magic. Kids will delight in seeing the sun rise over the mountain pose, boats float beneath the bridge pose, and branches magnificently blossom when a child makes the tree pose. A perfect tool for instructing and inspiring little yogis of all ages.


Let’s Make Yoga Magic is available for pre-order on Amazon!




In this episode, we discuss

  • Introduction to Heather Leah and her upcoming children’s book Let’s Make Yoga Magic
  • What is yoga and how does it work?
  • What is the ultimate purpose of Yoga?
  • Importance of yoga for children and some of the ways kids benefit from yoga
  • How can parents incorporate yoga with their kids as a family?
  • How can kids with ADHD benefit from yoga?
  • How does yoga creates a foundation for discipline and helps children with ADHD to improve how they follow directions?
  • upcoming projects and more..


A big thank you to Heather Leah for joining us and sharing her passion with us!


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