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Reading with Your Kids Author Interview with Sarah Ann Kinnear – Little Pearl’s Reflection Series

Happy Sunday everyone!

Today we’re ELATED to welcome a teacher and principal for 35 years, and now a children’s book author, Sarah Ann Kinnear on the Reading with Your Kids Podcast!  Sarah is joining us for this interview to talk about her children book series titled Little Pearl’s Reflection Series. This is a MYSTERY ADVENTURE SERIES that encourages your child to think, imagine, and create:  AGES 7-12.

Listen in to learn more about Little Pearl’s Reflection Series, What inspires Sarah to write, the importance of reading aloud to children, her future projects and other fun facts about her book.

Tune in to join Little Pearl and her friends on her mystery adventure…



Here’s more information about Sarah Ann Kinnear

Sarah Ann KinnearSarah Ann Kinnear, a teacher, and principal for 35 years has worked in the classroom and behind the scenes educating children and creating an innovative curriculum that encourages independent thought and creative problem-solving. She has always appreciated imaginative stories and learning activities that inspire children and teenagers to ask questions, think for themselves and become life-long learners.   Inspired by her experiences as a mother and a teacher, Sarah wanted to write an interactive adventure series for young children who enjoy books, puzzles, and mysteries.  Little Pearl’s Reflection is filled with suspense and surprises, including talking animals, plants – and even a talking river.  Sarah lives with her husband and dog Huey in Pensacola, Florida.

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More about Little Pearl’s Reflection Series

Little Pearl’s Reflection Series is a 7 book children’s educational, mystery adventure series.  At the conclusion of each book, there are 3 questions for children and adults to discuss and reflect upon together, plus a puzzle piece to help you solve the mystery!  

Little Pearl's Reflection

Little Pearl’s Reflection Volume 1 “The Light in the Window”

 On the eve of her 7th birthday,  Little Pearl and her mother walk to a distant meadow and lie down side by side to watch the stars.  Little Pearl falls asleep, but is suddenly awakened by a loud CRACK!  When she opens her eyes, she sees blue skies and no storm clouds – then she suddenly realizes that her mother is GONE!  Little Pearl decides to search for her lost mother by following the Old Winding River around her island and toward the Big Purple Mountain.  

Image result for Little Pearl's Reflection series book 1Come along on Little Pearl’s birthday adventure!  Help Little Pearl search for her lost mother!  Meet Little Pearl’s new friends: Miss Sophie, a blind old woman, who gives Little Pearl a surprise birthday gift; Rusty, an inquisitive, talking red bird; In-Out, a disappearing blue bunny; the Ponte V, a beautiful and wise, ivy bridge; and Olivia, a shy, kind, and understanding    yellow and orange fish.

  Read or listen as Little Pearl, now a teenager relates the amazing tale of her search for her lost mother and of her exciting 7th birthday adventure!  Follow the Old Winding River and travel across the beautiful, small Pacific Island toward the Big Purple Mountain.  

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*70% of all sale profit goes to children’s hospitals, school libraries, Ronald McDonald Houses and to help individual children in need.


In this interview, we talk

  • More about Little Pearl’s Reflection Series and how did Sarah get the idea for her books
  • Why you MUST read aloud to your kids at all ages
  • Listen in as Sarah discusses all the books in her children’s book series, MYSTERY ADVENTURE SERIES that encourages your child to think, imagine and create:  AGES 7-12
  •  Sarah gives us a peek inside her upcoming books & some interesting facts about her story.


A big thank you to Sarah Ann Kinnear for joining us and for sharing her story with us!

If you haven’t already done so, listen to this episode & feel free to share it by using the social media buttons at the bottom of this page. We would LOVE if you could leave us a review on iTunes.

Thanks for tuning in and have a wonderful day!

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