Meet “Marcy Mabel Mollie McMann” (Healthy Habits Book 2)

Meet “Marcy Mabel Mollie McMann” (Healthy Habits Book 2) post thumbnail image

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Author Interview: Alison T Broderick, author of “Marcy Mabel Mollie McMann” (Healthy Habits Book 2)

Hey everyone! Joining us today is a Certified Recovery Coach, Children’s Book Author, barre3 Instructor, Jesus Follower, Devoted Wife & Mother Alison T Broderick, in a one-on-one conversation with our host Jed Doherty.  Alison has written two wonderful books in her Healthy Habits Book series for children titled “Samuel Stanley Scotty Snight” & “Marcy Mabel Mollie McMann“.

In this interview, Alison discusses Marcy Mabel Mollie McMann, describes why she chose this title for her book, What inspired her story and more. Alsion also has some important pieces of advice & great tips for parents. Listen and hear what Alison T Broderick has to say – you will be amazed!


More about Healthy Habits Book Series

The struggle is real! Getting children to invest in personal hygiene on a regular basis can be a challenge. “Samuel Stanley Scotty Snight,” the first book in the Healthy Habits Book Series, teaches children about the importance of good dental hygiene.

In “Marcy Mabel Mollie McMann,” readers are encouraged to wash their hands to prevent getting sick. This series is perfect for dentist and doctor offices, as well as bedtime reading! The bright, vivid illustrations capture readers’ attention and have them wanting to read it time and again. Let little Sammy and Marcy drive home the message about why we take care of our bodies – in a fun and lighthearted way!

About Alison T Broderick

Children's Book Author Alison T BroderickAlison T Broderick enjoys creating children’s stories that give readers a sense of wonder and pique their curiosity. She has a gift for delivering important life lessons that capture the hearts of her readers while providing some giggles along the way. Alison lives in Marietta, Georgia, with her husband, two boys, and Golden Retriever, Duke. When she is not writing children’s books and children’s stories, she teaches barre classes at Barre3 East Cobb.

Finally, where can people find Alison T Broderick on the internet?

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Marcy Mabel Mollie McMann (Healthy Habits Book 2)

Marcy Mabel Mollie McMann


Marcy Mabel Mollie McMann is a rough and tough girl. She loves to get dirty but hates to wash her hands. After coming down with a cold and a visit to the doctor’s office, she learns how important it is to wash those germs away.



Marcy Mabel Mollie McMann is available on Amazon!


In this episode, we discuss

  • More about Marcy Mabel Mollie McMann and Alison’s journey to publish her book
  • Alison talks about the inspiration behind her book and some well-researched facts about the basic oral and hand hygiene
  • Alison tells us some of the wonderful discussions a family can have after reading both the books in her Healthy Habits Book Series
  • More about her future projects and other projects Alison is currently working on.


A big thank you to Alison T Broderick for joining us and sharing her story!


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