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RWYK Interview with KidLit Author, Nadine Poper – Porcupette and Moppett & Randall and Randall


Hey everyone,

Our favorite school librarian Nadine Poper returns to the #RWYK #Podcast. Nadine is here to celebrate her new #Kidlit. We also discuss the importance of supporting school libraries.

Nadine Poper is one of our past guests and author of two funny children’s picture books featuring Dachshund dogs: Dachshunds in Moccasins and Weenies in Bikinis. She is here to talk about her latest picture books Porcupette and Moppett & Randall and Randall!

Take a listen, and you’ll be glad you did!



More About Nadine Poper

RWYK Interview with KidLit Author, Nadine Poper - Porcupette and Moppett & Randall and RandallNadine is also an elementary librarian for an urban PA school district. She has been an elementary school teacher for 16 years in reading before changing gears to become a librarian. She is also a foster home for Coast to Coast Dachshund Rescue and often donates portions of her sales to the rescue. Surrounding herself all day with books and children to share them with is the best way to spend time for Nadine!


If You’d Like To Find Out More About Nadine And Her Books Visit

Click here to visit Nadine’s Web Page

Click here to check her Amazon page


Connect with Nadine on Social Media:

Twitter: @NadinePoper

Facebook: @NadineBooks


About the Books:

Porcupette and Moppet

Porcupette and MoppetPorcupette loves to spend days alone in quiet forest reading. But when Moppet, a bumbling predator, comes along with his silly antics and non-stop rambling, Porcupette’s sanctuary is turned topsy-turvy. When Moppet finally makes his move, they both get a big surprise that suggests Moppet should read more, and Porcupette should listen more carefully.





Randall and Randall

Randall and RandallRandall, the pistol shrimp, is a master at the excavation. Randall, the goby fish, is his skittish, yet happy-go-lucky watchman. The problem is that both have quirks that drive each other bananas until one day their relationship is driven to the breaking point. This very funny informational-fiction story about one of the sea’s naturally-existent odd couples illustrates how certain species depend upon their symbiotic relationship for survival. It also shows children how two very different beings can embrace each other’s peculiarities and become best of friends.




Interview Talking Points & Questions:

  • The power of a good strong school library program for kids. (03:30)
  • Let’s talk about your wonderful new KidLit, Randall & Randall. How did you choose that title? (07:00)
  • Please give us a little thumbnail description of Porcupette and Moppett (12:30)
  • Where did you get your story ideas for Randall & Randall and Porcupette and Moppet?
  • What kind of conversation families can have after reading her brand NEW books?



A big thank you to Nadine Poper for joining us and sharing her books with us!


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