Rock & Roll Woods by Sherry Howard: #RWYK Certified Great Read!

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 #RWYK Certified Great Read #Review – Rock & Roll Woods by Sherry Howard

5 stars

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Every child is different. Some children process things a little differently. Children with sensory processing issues process the world around them in a
different way. It’s different for each of them, just as each snowflake is unique. And our brand NEW Reading with Your Kids certified great Read, Rock & Roll Woods written by Sherry Howard and illustrated by Anika A. Wolf, celebrates those differences and encourages kids to try new things.

We hope this latest addition to our Reading With Your Kids Certified Great Read will be a helpful tool for parents and caregivers and will inspire kids to show courage and embrace new things in life!

We hope you and your family enjoy reading this book as much as we did!


Let’s have a look at the Book Blurb

Rock and Roll Woods by Sherry Howard

An appealing, rollicking, and heart-warming read, with an important message in this compelling story of a bear’s struggles with the world around him. 

Rock and Roll WoodsKuda is a bit of a grump who doesn’t like change. So when he wakes up to find new neighbors and loud, strange noises in his woods, he is not happy. Will his desire to be with his friends overcome his objections to loud sounds? And might Kuda’s courage help him discover that new things and rock and roll music can be pretty great? Featuring helpful backmatter about Sensory Integration and insider jokes for parents with autistic kids.


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Here’s more information about Sherry Howard

Sherry HowardSHERRY HOWARD lives with her children and dogs in Middletown, Kentucky. She was an educator who loved working with all children, but children with special needs stole her heart. Sherry has fond memories of her husband’s rock and roll band, but sadly, she never got past strumming a ukulele herself.

You can discover more about Sherry Howard and her books by visiting

Her website:


Learn more about the Illustrator

ANIKA A. WOLF loves telling stories through illustration, writing and graphic design. She hates to admit this, but she likes singing at the top of her lungs (but only when she’s by herself). If she were in a rock and roll band, her instrument of choice would be the banjo.

Visit her online at Rock and Roll Woods is Anika’s debut
picture book.



Our Review

Rock and Roll woods written by Sherry Howard is an insightful picture book that helps children with sensory issues, and the adults around them, understand what they are going through. The focus of this book is acceptance and adjusting to changes. Some kids have strong reactions to loud noises and they might be kids who have sensory integration problems. Sherry Howard beautifully represents such kids through her adorable main character Kuda, the bear.

Kuda is grumpy and seems like he is being difficult when he really has a sensory issue! Kuda doesn’t like change. He loves the peaceful sounds of nature in his woods, so when he wakes up to his new and loud neighbors who bring rock and roll to the woods, he isn’t happy. He tries to block out the noise with earmuffs and blankets. Will Kuda overcome his fear of change and learn to enjoy new things?  Read the book to find out if Kuda’s friends will be able to convince him to join them in their adventure and grove to the rhythm of “BOOM – whappa whappa? Will Kuda realize that new things and rock and roll music can be so much fun?

Rock & Roll Woods is beautifully illustrated by Anika A. Wolf. It is a heartwarming tale for those children who are highly sensitive to loud noises. This sweet little book just exudes warmth and love with its bright, lush colors of the woods. The illustrations aren’t just oversized, it’s also filled with bright color and cute animals on each page. It’s an absolute gem.

It’s a great resource for occupational therapists, teachers, and parents to share with children. Resources for adults at the end of the book include definitions of sensory processing and Sensory Integration, and insider jokes for guardians with medically introverted children.

Final Verdict

Parents aren’t often quite sure how to talk to their kids about sensory challenges and we think Rock and Roll Woods, written specifically to address Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), is a terrific way to educate and get the conversation started. This picture book is guaranteed to inspire kids and make them realize that sometimes trying something new can be wonderful!

A must read for any child and adult, and especially for those with sensory integration issues.


Rock & Roll Woods by Sherry Howard

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Introducing “Rock and Roll Woods” by Sherry Howard

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