Kidlit Author Mara James Teaches Us “The Power of Piggie Bear”

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Reading with Your Kids Podcast Ft. Mara James – Author of “The Power of Piggie Bear”

Happy Friday everyone,

We’re delighted to introduce you to Mara James, the CEO, and Founder of the Extraordinary Lives Foundation and author of The Power of Piggie Bear.

We hope you enjoy his interview as much as we did recording it. Be Sure to Tune In!


Here’s some more information about Mara James

Mara James is the author of the new children’s book, The Power of Piggie Bear

  mara james author

Mara grew up with a mother who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and one of her children was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome and ADHD. After Mara encountered her own mental health challenges later on life, she was inspired to create her non-for-profit organization, the Extraordinary Lives Foundation in 2015, to help children understand their emotions and feelings and become more resilient, while also helping to eliminate the stigma surrounding children’s mental health issues.

Mara currently resides in Orange County, CA with her husband Kenneth and three children.


The official website and social media portals for the Extraordinary Lives Foundation are as follows:

  • Website: www.El.Foundation
  • Facebook: @ELFoundationMentalHealthAwareness
  • Instagram: @El.Foundation


Learn more about “The Power of Piggie Bear”

The Power of Piggie BearThe Extraordinary Lives Foundation has created a therapeutic tool that will encourage young students to perform mindful breathing in a fun and loving way. The Power of Piggie Bear will teach students not to judge one another and she lets them know that they are perfect just the way they are! Piggie Bear will teach children her favorite Piggie Bear Hug and as well as her special Piggie Bear saying “I am Amazing!”


The Power of Piggie Bear is available on Amazon!


In this episode, Mara James answers the following questions about her amazing book

  •  Tell us something about your courageous story, how you were able to overcome your challenges, and thus bring your new book, The Power of Piggie Bear, into the world.
  •  about your courageous story, how you were able to overcome your challenges, and thus bring your new book, The Power of Piggie Bear, into the world.
  • Piggie Bear helps to teach children self-acceptance and self-love and how to boost their self-esteem? How does he help children to do that?
  • What have been some of the feedback that Mara has received from readers around the world? How has Piggie Bear touched the lives of children and parents?
  • Why does Mara believe that some children are afraid of expressing their emotions and feeling their feelings?
  • What’s in store for Piggie Bear and the Extraordinary Lives foundation in 2019?
  • Where can our listeners purchase their own copy of The Power of Piggie Bear and learn more about the Extraordinary Lives Foundation?


Mara, you rule. Thanks for doing this interview, best of luck with your book!


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