RWYK Author Interview: Introducing “Unicorn Jazz” by Lisa Caprelli

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Meet Lisa Caprelli, Creator of Unicorn Jazz brand, author of children’s books and entrepreneur/marketing books, Blogger, Speaker

Hey everyone,

Today we’re super excited to have the opportunity to sit down and chat with Lisa Caprelli, author, Creator of Book Workshops and Unicorn Jazz Creator. Lisa is joining us today to talk about her fun little book Unicorn Jazz which is about a brave unicorn named Jazz with a purple “musical note” for a tail.  It teaches children about friendship, the importance of being unique and the power of believing in others!

In this conversation, which is important to note that this is much more of a conversation than an interview, we sprawl over so many different topics. Our chat ranges from how did Lisa get the idea for Unicorn Jazz and the inspiring story behind its creation, the truth about how Lisa felt initially about writing for children, upcoming books and more. Be sure to tune in and meet the many friendly characters that will befriend and help Jazz on her way to discovering her talent for singing!



More about Lisa Caprelli

Lisa CaprelliLisa Caprelli is a marketing strategy consultant, author, branding, and team-building expert. She works to help businesses—from small to medium-sized businesses to large corporations —achieve success and maintain relevance in our rapidly evolving world by understanding how to use today’s technology with a top-notch team.

Originally from El Paso, Texas, Lisa moved to California at the age of 29 with nothing but $100 to her name.  Within two years she became an entrepreneurial success, using her innovative 360 Strategy, and built a profitable mortgage and real estate business in the competitive market of Southern California.  Soon, hundreds of companies sought her advice in emulating her success.

In 2010, Lisa launched her own marketing and public relations agency. She quickly acquired a range of distinguished clients in and around Orange County including Toyota, John Wayne Airport, Hyperfast Cars McLarens, Cal State Long Beach University, The Kasem Cares Foundation, Concordia University, and Ageless and Healthy.

Additionally, Lisa has worked with video production companies, celebrity brands, attorneys, a New York Times best-selling author, industry subject matter experts, medical and technology businesses, non-profits, retail businesses, financial firms, restaurants, oil & land groups, and real estate companies.

Author of the Amazon best-selling book, Color Your Message, Lisa boasts a wealth of knowledge from more than two decades as a  business development leader. She enjoys speaking to diverse audiences of teens, millennials, and seasoned business leaders, educating them on how to execute a plan of action to achieve their vision and success.

Where online can people find more about Lisa and her book

Visit her website:

Book site:


Learn more about “Unicorn Jazz”

Unicorn Jazz by Lisa CaprelliUnicorn Jazz moves to a new land with animals such as horses, giraffes, geckos, and a crow named Woof! She discovers how difficult it can be to make new friends. Her mother teaches Unicorn Jazz to celebrate her uniqueness. She meets a friend who helps her realize her talent. There are various lessons heard in this book that children can relate to.

This is a fun and inspirational book with a magical song that children will enjoy singing long after they hear the book. Unicorn Jazz has positive messages for children of all ages.

“This book represents the importance of family and friends with a focus on finding strength in being unique.” (Suzanne Funk, BED, M.Ed)

“‘Embrace Who You Are!‘ Lisa has a wonderful way of helping the reader to connect with who they are and embrace their quirks and ambitions. Unicorn Jazz will help children to internalize important messages such as the value of real friendship and not being afraid to show the world who they are.” (Happy Mindset podcast host Denis Murphy)

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Unicorn Jazz is available on Amazon –


In this episode, Jed asks Lisa

  • Tells us something about Unicorn Jazz and how many books are released so far?
  • How did you get the idea to write this book and the inspiration behind the story?
  • What kind of discussion parents & children can have after reading your book?
  • Lisa’s experience of working with her team in the process of creating Unicorn Jazz
  • What exciting things have you planned for this series and much more? Grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit back, and enjoy the interview!


A big thank you to Lisa for joining us and for sharing her books & her passion with us!


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Thanks for tuning in and have a wonderful day!😆

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