RWYK Author Interview: J. K. Coy on her Children’s Books

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Reading with Your Kids Podcast: In Conversation with Best Selling Children’s Author, J.K. Coy

Hey ReadingWithYourKids Family!

We know you’ve all been waiting for this episode! In today’s episode, we’re thrilled to welcome best selling children’s author, J K Coy to the Reading with Your Kids Podcast!  Coy’s adorable and humorous children’s books are enjoyed by both, parents and their little ones: Love You to Pieces Beautiful Monster (2016) and My Mom is the Worst (2017).

In this mega-episode, you’ll get to follow the unique stepping stones J K Coy took to write for children, her goal to entertain the parent and child at the same time, find out all about her band NEW kidlit and enjoy some deeply moving questions about the importance of reading. Hooray!


About J K Coy

J K Coy, author of My Mom is the Worst: A Child's Perspective on ParentingJ.K. Coy became a mother to two daughters in less than two years, obviously, she doesn’t sit still well. She originally hails from Michigan, but after moving to Southern California over seven years ago, she now considers California her second home.

Her adorable and humorous children’s books are enjoyed by both, parents and their little ones: Love You to Pieces Beautiful Monster (2016) and My Mom is the Worst (2017). She is also the creator of the Minimal Intervention (M.I.) Birth Method designed to provide evidence based steps, and inspiring stories, to help women achieve more positive birth experiences using minimal medical intervention (Birth Book out Fall 2018).

She holds a bachelor’s in business and a master’s in elementary education. During the brief moments between her roles as a corporate climber, mom, and wife, she enjoys sharpening her creative pencil.

Her intent is to entertain the parent and child at the same time. Sometimes it’s the little joys, and inside jokes, that get everyone through another bedtime routine.


Follow her blog and books at 

Amazon Author Page with All Books:

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Facebook/Instagram @StoriesbyJKCoy for the latest details on new releases, parenting humor, and subpar photos quickly snapped while her beautiful monsters run amuck!


My Mom is the Worst: A Toddler’s Perspective on Parenting

Did you ruin your child’s life today?

Made them wear underwear? You’re the worst.
Made them go to the doctor? You’re the worst.
Hugged them too tightly? YOU ARE THE WORST.

My Mom is the Worst by J K CoyIt’s one of those days for this mama and her munchkin.

No matter how much this mom tries to show her child she cares, her little one STILL thinks she is THE WORST!


And guess what?!  Being young can feel just as DIFFICULT.

Your child is sure to find this tale of what parents DO TO THEIR KIDS extremely funny, as they will surely relate to the everyday situations.

Never fear, parents! This is a fun read for you, too.  

There is a loving “hidden message” bolded within the text JUST FOR YOU.  

This slightly sarcastic tale will make your little ones feel heard, while giving you both a much needed laugh.  The story is written from your child’s perspective of what it feels like to be “cared for” All. Day. Long.

What we do in love, children can perceive differently in their imaginations.

Who is right, the Mama or the Munchkin?

For the honest mom with a healthy sense of humor, Get ‘My Mom is the WORST!’ now!

Grab your copy on Amazon:

Limited Offer:  Purchase the paperback copy and get the Kindle ebook FREE!


In this episode, You’ll find out

  • Introduction to children’s books author, J K Coy
  • Her latest titles My Mom is the Worst, Love You to Pieces, Beautiful Monster, and BECAUSE You are a Superwoman
  • The inspiration behind writing for both parents and children
  • J K Coy describes a few different takeaways that she would want parents and children to take away from reading her books
  • An exclusive sneak peeks into some of the books she is currently working on.



A big Thank You to J K Coy for talking to us and sharing her books with our listeners!


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