RWYK Children’s Author Interview Ft. Pam Fries & Dawn B Herbert

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RWYK Celebrates Three Wonderful Books: Something’s Eating The Garden, Warrior & Princess


Hey everyone!

We have a jam-packed show for you today. In our latest edition of the Reading with Your Kids podcast, We are featuring not just one awesome Kidlit author but two. Our first guest is Pam Fries, the author & illustrator of “Something’s Eating The Garden“, a wonderful children’s book that includes a guessing game in rhyme and subtlety encourages eating fresh vegetables from the garden.

Our second guest is Dawn Herbert from Newyork, a single mother of two teens, a high school teacher, an author, and a speaker. Dawn is joining us to talk about her recently published books for young adults. The first book is “Warrior” and the second title is called “Princess“. Warrior is written to help young men to trust God and help them become mighty warriors for God. It presents the spiritual reality of the world we live in.

Princess is written for young women who have endured turmoil, and desperately need to be rescued from the resulting drama. Both books are available on Amazon. Dawn has worked with teenagers for 10 years, she was a teacher and youth minister. 

We hope you enjoy this interview as much as we did recording it. Be Sure to Tune In!


Here’s some information about “Pam Fries”

Pam Fries,the author, and illustrator of "Something's Eating the Garden"Pam Fries, the author, and illustrator of “Something’s Eating the Garden” is a mother and grandmother. She chose the field of Primary Education in college, then went on to teach preschool and was a substitute teacher in grades Kindergarten through Middle School. After having children, she turned to homeschooling her own children for many years.
She sadly lost her husband of 36 years just before the book about her husband and granddaughter came out. She loves to spend her time with her family and animals (she is a crazy chicken lady!). She keeps very busy. In her spare time, she speaks at schools in different states and is an inspirational speaker for women’s groups. She also illustrates books for others and paints animal portraits.


Connect with Pam on her website:

You can get in touch with pam via email –


Learn more about “Something’s Eating The Garden”

It’s fun eating your vegetables when a trip to Papa’s garden. But wait! Who is eating the garden? Could it be a frog, pig, raccoon, alligator, or something MUCH BIGGER? Come with Papa and solve the mystery! This engaging and imaginative rhyming book is one that the whole family can enjoy. The illustrations are bright, and the animals are expressive. It is a perfect story for bedtime or to read all the time.


Here is the amazon link for Pam Fries


A note from Dawn Herbert

I’ve not always been happy. I’ve not always been free. I have said, like the Psalmist David, “Though you have made me see troubles,  many and bitter,  you will restore my life again; from the depths of the earth  you will again bring me up.” And God, in His faithfulness and unfailing love, has done just that. My journey has been long and wearisome, and I know it isn’t over, but now, I face it with a steadfast trust in God and a hope in His goodness, no matter what circumstances surround me. This blog is an amalgamation of the echo of God’s faithfulness in my past, a taste of his goodness in my present, and a glimpse of His promises for my future.


Connect with dawn Herbert on her website:


Learn  more about “Warrior”

The world is darker and more foreboding than it has ever been. You’ve been caught between two sides: the side that seduces you with all that you desire here and now, and the side that promises eternal joy and freedom at the expense of here and now. Both require and impossible price. Only one will give you hope. Only one will liberate you. Only One will show you how to be the warrior you know you are inside.

Here is the amazon link for Warrior:




Get to know more about “Princess”

You’re the inspiration for this book. Your battles. Your brokenness. Your unanswered prayers and all your many tears. I can’t say I know all the answers or made sense of it all for you, but I can say one thing for sure: you are a princess. You probably let go of that fantastical belief a long time ago. I’d like a chance to convince you again. Will you linger here with me?


Here is the amazon link for Princess:





In This Episode, you’ll learn

  • Introduction to Pam Fries, and her debut children’s book, Something’s Eating the Garden
  • Pam talks about overcoming her tragedy of losing her husband of 36 years
  • Her passion for drawing and encouraging kids to follow their dreams
  • Where can people find out more about Pam, upcoming projects and more.
  • Introduction to Dawn Herbert, author of two young adult books, warrior and Princess
  • Was there any specific scripture that helped Dawn’s son through his healing?
  • Dawn shares some of the positive messages her book promotes, what’s next for Dawn?


We would like to say a huge thank you to Pam & Dawn for doing this interview! We’re very excited to see what they do next!  We hope you have enjoyed listening to this episode and be sure to keep your eye out for their future books.


We’d love to hear from you!  Contact us and together we can discuss what ideas you think should be included in a future episode, and we can explore potentially setting up an interview. Our goal is to have all voices at the table!

Thanks for tuning in and have a beautiful day😆

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