RWYK Ft. Jennifer Renieris: A Buck and a Puck is Empowering and Fun!!!

RWYK Ft. Jennifer Renieris: A Buck and a Puck is Empowering and Fun!!! post thumbnail image

RWYK Interview with Jennifer Renieris, Author of A Buck and a Puck


Hello RWYK listeners!

Today we’re excited to share with you an interview with Jennifer Renieris, Award-Winning Children’s Author & Creator Of The Nature Nurtures Storybook Series. Jennifer Renieris, also known by her pen name J.L. W, is on the show to celebrate her wonderful #Kidlit A Buck and a Puck. This is a fun story that reminds kids, and adults, that sometimes choosing kindness shows how strong we really are.

Renieris is an award-winning author, who received her start less than a year ago when her first book, “Hawk Eyes” was published in January of 2019. Renieris got her idea for “Hawk Eyes” when a hawk landed in her yard while she was journaling.

In our exciting interview with Jennifer, you’ll learn more about her books, A Buck and a Puck and Hawk Eyes. Her inspiration to write children’s books to share positive messages to children through the use of animals.



Jennifer’s love and appreciation for “aha” moments in her life have inspired her to write children’s stories that celebrate growth and enlightenment. Whether she is on her farm, at home, or exploring nature, teachable moments find their way to her. Young and old, teachable moments help us thrive and flourish, whether they come from our children, parents, friends, or even our pets.

To learn more about Jennifer, check out her interview with Mom’s Choice Awards here.

Jennifer has written two picture books titled,  A Buck and a Puck and Hawk Eyes. Check out her website at


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Learn more about “A Buck and a Puck”


Lulu loves to play hockey…but can a Buck play hockey? Join Lulu as she learns an empowering life lesson from this Buck. Sometimes choosing kindness shows how strong we really are. A Buck and a Puck is Empowering and Fun!!!  A Buck and a Puck is the second children’s story from JLW, author of the Mom’s Choice Award-winning book, Hawk Eyes.

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Interview Talking Points & Questions:

  • You are a successful businesswoman so what inspired you to become a children’s author? (05: 00)
  • Talk a little bit more about your message that “Kindness is the ultimate strength(10:30)
  • Sometimes we forget to be kind to ourselves. What do you think about that? (15:30)
  • Tell us more about your upcoming book(16:30)
  • What kind of reactions you have been getting from the people who have read A Buck and a Puck and Hawk Eyes? (18:00)
  • Where can people find out more about JLW and her books? (21:30)


A big Thank you to Jennifer for doing this Interview! We’re so glad to bring this wonderful book to all our listeners and we hope you’ll check out more of her books in the future!


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Thanks for tuning in and have a wonderful Saturday!


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