RWYK Interview: Earth’s Angels Trilogy By Beth Worsdell

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Meet Beth Worsdell, author of Earth’s Angels Trilogy


Our guest today is Beth Worsdell, an English author, who now resides in California with her husband and two of her four children.

Beth has just released the adult and young adult editions of Earth’s Angels and The Marilians on Amazon, and is currently writing ‘A new world’ which is book three in the ‘Earth’s Angels Trilogy’. Beth is joining us on the Reading with Your Kids podcast to actively promote the continued reading between parents and their children which usually stops when children reach their teens.

Beth Worsdell’s debut book has a completely original concept. Earth’s Angels is NOT a religious book in any way, but rather it delves into the mystery of ancient aliens and our ancient ancestors.

After five wonderful years of living in South Carolina, Beth had a weird dream which wouldn’t leave her thoughts. So after moving to California and two more years of the dream popping into her head, she decided to write it down. One chapter led to another and Beth suddenly realized that she was writing a Novel. Before long ‘Earth’s Angels’ was created, a novel full of action, adventure, humor, love, and magic.

Earth's Angels by Beth Worsdell


Learn more about “Earth’s Angels”

Badass human survivors…Powerful ancient angels…Magic we didn’t know our planet held…We should have known someone or something, would step in and save our planet. Who could blame anyone, for trying to save the planet we’d been steadily destroying for centuries!

Let’s face it, we couldn’t possibly be the only inhabitants of a planet in the whole universe. When Mel wakes in a hospital type environment, she doesn’t know where she is or who she is. It’s a total shock for her, to not only discover that angels are real, but that she and the other human survivors will be helping the alien angels, to not only save the animal kingdom but the human race and Earth is truly amazing and magical ways. Once reunited with her husband and older children Anthony, Holly, Harrison, and Abigail, her family are introduced to the magic that they didn’t know our planet held. The magical and beautiful angels are healers of planets, a peaceful and gentle race with amazing powers. Imagine finding out that ancient aliens are real, and that the tales of humans and angels working together actually happened.

Now the angels and humans have to work together again, to heal the planet we nearly destroyed. The angel’s power is a special kind of magic, that also brings Earth’s ancient ruins back to life, by mending and reactivating our planet’s ancient defenses around the world. These defenses will be needed as the Marilians are coming. They have decided to follow the angels to Earth and they are now wanting to take Earth and the humans as their own. The humans and angels have two missions. To prepare for the upcoming battle and heal our planet.


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Interview Talking Points & Questions:

  • Please tell us about the story of Earth’s Angels. (2:47)
  • The theme of Earth’s ending is quite popular. Why do you think so many people are intrigued by this theme? (5:35)
  • What kind of conversation families can have after reading Earth’s Angels together? (09:30)
  • In addition to the angel’s, readers will meet unusual creatures and animals in this story. Please talk a little bit about it. (11:44)
  • Why did you choose to publish Earth’s Angel in both Young Adult and an adult version? (12:40)
  • Do you think adults shy away from reading books that are written for young adults or teens? (16:30)
  • You mentioned that there are two books in Earth’s Angels series at the moment so how many books do you anticipate? (19:30)



A huge thank you to Beth Worsdell for joining us and for sharing her wonderful books with us!


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