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Children’s Author Daniel Jude Miller on Monsters in Manhattan

Monsters in Manhattan


Join us for a fun-filled interview with children’s author Daniel Jude Miller!

Daniel Jude Miller is the author and illustrator of the children’s picture book series Monsters in Manhattan, as well as Everybody Wake Up, Earclaw and Eddie and the upcoming Halloween Boy and the Christmas Kid.

Daniel Jude Miller is a successful children’s author & illustrator. He is joining us on the Reading With Your Kids podcast to talk about the inspiration to write the books in his children’s picture book series, Monsters in Manhattan, The purpose of creating this book, His journey to become a writer, Upcoming projects & more.  It’s a fun interview. Come along!

We also had a wonderful time speaking with one of our certified great read authors, Fatih Goldstein. Faith is joining us from Chicago Toys & Game Fair to talk about her wonderful children’s book, Gorilla’s Night Out.


 Learn more about Daniel Jude Miller

Daniel Jude MillerDaniel Jude Miller is the author and illustrator of the children’s picture book series Monsters in Manhattan, as well as Everybody Wake UpEarclaw and Eddie and the upcoming Halloween Boy and the Christmas Kid. Growing up in Queens, NY and going to college and working in Manhattan for many years inspired him to write and draw all the creatures and goblins he came across on a daily basis. He now lives upstate, far from the clutches of those monsters.




More about Monsters in Manhattan

Monsters in Manhattan by [Miller, Daniel Jude]Mike is from Queens, NY and he’s super-psyched for the start of his Christmas vacation.
Unfortunately, his plans go south when he finds out that his horrible cousin Mary Lou from Kalamazoo is coming to visit NYC for the holidays. Normally it would be fun to spend the winter break with family. But, not this family, because Mary Lou is the worst thing a person can be, a bully. And she’s not your regular Bully, no, she’s a rude, disgusting, obnoxious bully that is totally going to ruin Mike’s week off from school.

His only hope for saving his vacation is to scare Mary Lou away by introducing her to the ghosts, ghouls and goblins that lurk at all of the famous Manhattan landmarks and tourist attractions. Once she meets the Blob that creeps through the Museum of Natural History, the Dragon underneath Times Square and Trolls lurking in the subway, then maybe, just maybe, Mike can take back his cherished winter break.


Monsters in Manhattan 2

Monsters in Manhattan 2 by [Miller, Daniel Jude]Ahhh … summer in the city, warm weather, swimming pools and three months off from school!
What could possibly ruin Mike’s summer vacation? The answer is Mary Lou’s bigger, angrier, smellier brother
Jimbo Joe, who’s come to New York for revenge.
Ok, here we go again, back to Manhattan. When Mike’s problems get bigger so do his monsters.



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Interview Talking Points & Questions:

  • Who are the monsters whom we are going to meet while we read Monsters in Manhattan?  (03:12)
  • How to get your kids imagination ignited (05:45)
  • Your style of illustrations is quite different and fun from what we have experienced so far in other children’s books. Where did you develop this style? (13:45)
  • You talked about being an illustrator but becoming a writer was not a part of your plan so how did that happen?(15:40)
  • Encouraging kids to take a chance to risk failure is so important. Please talk a little about that. (18:00)
  • An exclusive sneak peek into Daniell’s upcoming middle-grade book and  the title of his book (21:05)


A big thank you to Daniel Jude Miller for joining us and for sharing his books with us!

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