The Chinese Calendar Tales- Part 2

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The Chinese Calendar Tales- Part 2

Reading With Your Kids Podcast Interview- Return of Sarah Brennan

The creator of bestselling book series Dirty Stories and Chinese Calendar Tales, children’s author Sarah Brennan is back on Reading with your kids podcast. Brennan, whose books have been embraced by young readers across Asia and in her native Australia, chose to base TTORR in Shanghai due to her passion for the city’s vibrant, creative landscape during the roaring ’20s.

In this episode, we talk to Sarah about the inspiration behind her Calendar series, the importance of parents reading with their kids & why Children should spend more time reading books and less time using gadgets.


Sarah talks about children using digital devices too much at home and at school, and believes that parents and schools have a responsibility to control such use. The consequences of failing to do so are already apparent and these include the delayed development of children’s speech and fine motor skills, as well as increasing signs of obesity, ADD (attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder), and an inability to socialise.

Listen as Sarah talks about her passion for turning children into keen readers, and says it’s also important for kids to create their own stories. Sarah believes reading is the foundation of effective learning, and says scientific research shows that listening to parents read helps to shape young minds. Be sure to listen & learn how encourage your kids to read more & more!

For more information on Sarah’s books and to order The Chinese calendar series, head to her website.

Check out  Sarah’s Funny & Fabulous Blog

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