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Congratulations to Lorrie Manosh. Her wonderful new picture book The Feelings Closet is a great book to help kids identify, understand & start to control their feelings. Lorrie Manosh is an author, wife, and mother of four amazing children, ranging in ages from elementary school through college. She has over 20 years of experience in education and has taught children from Kindergarten through college, serving as a teacher, principal and professor. She loves to write and to inspire others to be their best.

Her new picture book The Feeling Closet is a wonderful conversation between Matt and his mom. Matt wants to stay in bed. He says he is tired, but his mom suspects there might be something more going on. Thousands of kids wake up each day feeling, well, that is the problem, they do not know what they are really feeling. They know they are not feeling good, but they are not able to see past that feeling to understand what is going on.


As they talk Matt’s Mom helps him understand that what he is really feeling is fear, fear that he is not fast enough to keep up with the other kids at his school’s field day.

At this point in the story Mom teaches Matt about his feeling closet. She explains to him that there is a feeling closet inside each of us, that it is a place where we keep all the different feelings that we have, feelings like joy, trust, surprise, happiness, anger, fear, and sadness.

Helping kids identify what it is they are feeling is so important. It is the first step in helping them control their feelings and emotions. This is one of the most wonderful skills we can teach our kids.

The Feelings Closet by Lorrie Manosh is a great book for any family library. It will inspire powerful conversations and help kids develop skills that will last them a life time.


The Feelings Closet Lorrie Manosh on Biteable.


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