The Great Maritini Teaches Kindness to Children!

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The Great Maritini Teaches Kindness to Children!

A little kindness goes a long way!

Thank you to Children’s Publishing for this lovely review of The Great Martini & naming it as one of the six picture books that teaches kindness to children. We would like to thank each & everyone who sent kind messages to Jed after reading his book and for the great book reviews. We feel honoured that Jed’s story is inspiring kids all around the world, and we hope Kids are motivated to be Kind and Respectful with The Great Maritini!

the great maritini

Jedlie is one of the nation’s most exciting school show performers & one of Jedlie’s main goals as aAuthor, Magician & a Podcast Host is to teach children to be kind and respectful. He wants kids to stick up for others and not look away when they see someone needs their help, and to feel empathy for those around them. One excellent way to do this without losing the effectiveness of the message is to use children’s books that tell stories of kindness. So he decided to write a children’s book from his own experiences as a magician & The Great Martini is the fabulous result of all the efforts Jed has put into this amazing book. We are so happy & thankful to have been given an excellent review for The Great Martini, a fun and touching story about Sam, a lovable but far from perfect magician. He is known throughout the land as The Great Maritini.  Sam can not walk away from someone in need and soon learns that the greatest transformation is transforming feelings of caring into action to help another human being.  In addition to the full colour story this book features colouring pages and activities.

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