The Tooth Fairy’s Tummy Ache: #RWYK Certified Great Read

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#RWYK Certified Great Read #Review – The Tooth Fairy’s Tummy Ache by Lori Orlinsky

Hello dear readers,

It’s time again to celebrate a brand NEW ReadingWithYourKids Certified Great Read! Get ready to be inspired by a sweet little picture book The Tooth Fairy’s Tummy Ache – Mom’s Choice Award Winner written by Lori Orlinsky.

We had a super time reading Lori’s fun book and we think it is written to entertain, enlighten and encourage young readers to enjoy the art of reading and we hope your family enjoys reading it as much as we did!


Let’s Have A Look At The Book Blurb

The Tooth Fairy’s Tummy Ache by Lori Orlinsky


The Tooth Fairy's Tummy Ache - RWYK Certified Great ReadEllie has been eagerly awaiting the day she can finally trade in her first baby tooth for a coveted prize from the Tooth Fairy. But when the time comes, the unthinkable happens! Ellie swallows her tooth!

Knowing she can’t disappoint the Tooth Fairy, Ellie decides to lie about what really happened to her tooth. But when her fib leads to big trouble in Fairyland, will Ellie be able to set things right again?


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More About Lori Orlinsky

Lori OrlinskyLori Orlinsky is a multi-award-winning children’s book author, freelance writer, and marketing director who lives in Chicago. Lori is certified by the CDC in Bullying Prevention and Response Training and is an ambassador for the PACER’s National Bullying Center. At 5″1, she wishes her book “Being Small (Isn’t So Bad After All)” was around while she was growing up.




Facebook handle: @loriorlinskyauthor
Instagram: @loriorlinskyauthor

Our Review

Do you have a little one with a loose tooth? Growing up and losing teeth is such a big event for kids. The Tooth Fairy’s Tummy Ache written by Lori Orlinksy and illustrated by Vanessa Alexandre is a perfect whimsical picture book to read with your kids while they are preparing for a visit from the Tooth Fairy.

Most children are eager to exchange their lost teeth for money from the Tooth Fairy and so is Ellie. But what should Little Ellie do when she accidentally swallows her loose tooth?

Ellie knows that the Tooth Fairy comes only when you lose a tooth and put it under your pillow at night, so she comes up with a crazy plan to trick the tooth fairy into coming. Ellie decides to keep a kernel
of popcorn under her pillow as a replacement fake. She solves her dilemma by lying about her lost tooth that captures all the excitement of losing the first tooth. But when Tooth Fairy confronts her about her lies, Ellie learns a valuable lesson about being honest. Lori Orlinksy’s adorable book combines the legend of the Tooth Fairy and Vanessa Alexandre’s charming art in one gorgeous picture book package. The scenes move swiftly through the page turns, while the richly detailed illustrations add humorous touches.

The main theme of the story is being honest. Honesty is important in all that we do and The Tooth Fairy’s Tummy Ache does an amazing job in teaching kids about the importance of being honest. We love that Lori’s book showcases problems with dishonest behavior(lying) and teaches an ethical lesson without being excessively moralistic.

Easy-to-read text, a short-story format, and full-color artwork on every page are sure to boost reading confidence and fluency in your little ones. It is fun, cute and entertaining to boot!

Recommended for: spirited 5-8-year-old kids (especially girls!) everywhere, and their designated adult readers.


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***A big thank you to author Lori Orlinksy for providing us a free copy of this book through Reading with your Kids certified program. The opinions expressed in this review are entirely our own***



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