Yumi’s Extraordinary Collection

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Yumi’s Extraordinary Collection

Reading With Your Kids Podcast Starring Elsa Takaoka

 The greatest things of all … are not things at all!

We are very excited for you to meet the talented, and inspiring children’s book author Elsa Takaoka. Elsa is here with us today to talk about her new book  “Yumi’s Extraordinary Collection” which is a heartwarming, feel-good book that highlights the importance of treasuring moments over things.

A country girl at heart, with fond memories of the dark desert sky, purple mountains and freshly cut alfalfa fields in her hometown of Blythe, California, author Elsa Takaoka puts her pen to paper and creates a fun and heart-warming story. Spinning words with natural creativity, Elsa discovered her love of language at a very early age. She then pursued a career in Speech Language Pathology and English as a Second Language until the birth of her first daughter. Reading to her own little girls sparked her whimsical journey through children’s literature and dropped one more goal into her bucket list. Her dream to write and publish a picture book was achieved with Goo and Spot and The Do Not Wiggle Riddle, her first of many books to come. Currently, Elsa lives in Fukuoka, Japan with her sources of inspiration- her loving husband and their two adorable little girls.

In this episode of Reading with your kids podcast, Elsa talks about her writing path and how her life changed completely when she went from living in Las Vegas, Nevada to living in Fukuoka, Japan within the course of four days.

Elsa also talks about “Yumi’s Extraordinary Collection” and shares that this book is a story of Yumi who was born into a family of collectors who pride themselves with their eccentric and wacky collections. The long line of proud collectors grows and grows until… she comes along. The bond between one generation of collectors and the next takes an unexpected twist with the birth of Yumi, who unlike the rest was not born a natural collector. She is determined to find not just any collection but a truly extraordinary collection. With help from her grandmother, Yumi learns that the greatest things of all.. are not things at all!

Elsa also talks about her inspiration of writing such a multicultural and multi generational book. Jed and Elsa also discuss about life challenges and how her life is different in Japan as compared to United States. Elsa also talks about other picture books  & shares the importance of reading with your kids and how reading books can open door to any conversation with your child. Be sure to Listen!

Tune in as “Yumi’s Extraordinary Collection”teaches the value of family, multi-generations and being yourself.

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