The Holiday Boys: A creation of teachable lessons for children

The Holiday Boys: A creation of teachable lessons for children post thumbnail image

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MEET Onicka J.Daniel – Author of “The Holiday Boys”

Happy Sunday everyone,

In this exciting episode of the Reading with Your Kids podcast, we’re so excited and honored to have the amazingly talented author Onicka Daniel on the show!  Onicka is joining us to talk about her wonderful children’s book The Holiday Boys book series that is full of adventures between 2 brothers both born on holiday’s! We hope that you will love Onicka’s stories as much as we do!

For Strayer graduate Onicka Daniel, learning wasn’t just a passion; it was an escape. A domestic abuse survivor, Onicka leveraged her education as a means of survival and recovery. Here she shares her inspirational story, What her book is all about and the inspiration for her fantastic story. Tune in to learn more!


More about The Holiday Boys: A creation of teachable lessons for children

The Holiday Boys by Onicka DanielThe Holiday Boys is the tale of a brother preparing for his baby brother’s arrival. With glee, he shares all the things he plans to do once his brother is born.

Both boys are born on holidays, which is why they are referred to as “The Holiday Boys”.




 A portion of all proceeds from her book goes towards helping domestic abuse victims. To help support Onicka and her mission, check out “The Holiday Boys” on Amazon.


In this episode, we discuss

  • How Onicka began writing. How and when this hobby became a part of her soul?
  • More about The Holiday Boys and how did she decide the title of her book?
  • Introduction to her children’s book and what inspired her to write this story
  • What are some of the important lessons her book teaches to young children
  • Onicka shares her experience of being a victim of an abusive relationship for 13 years and what motivated her to escape that life
  • Her dedication to helping women who have experienced domestic abuse
  • Importance of spending time with kids, What is Onicka currently working on, future projects and more……Be sure to tune in for all the great insights!


A huge thank you to Onicka Daniel for joining us and for sharing her fun little book with us!


Check out Onicka Daniel’s website for more information


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