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Exclusive Interview with Lady Magician, Sue-Anne Webster!

Hello dear listeners! Today we’re super excited to welcome Sue Ann Webster, one of the world’s top female magicians to the Reading with Your Kids Podcast. In our exciting interview, Sue chatted with our host Jed Doherty to celebrate her new magic book  Astounding!: Quick Slick Magic Tricks.

Astounding! is an outstanding how to do magic book which includes easy-to-Do magic tricks for children.  Sue is joining us to share some fun facts about her book, inspiration behind her book, her magic career and much more. So grab yourself a cup of a coffee and let the magic begin!

Here’s more information about Sue-Anne Webster

Sue-Anne WebsterSue-Anne is an Australian magician, actor and writer who has been recognised internationally for her contributions to the art of magic.

Sue-Anne’s work in magic led to her being profiled in the world dictionary of magic ~ Dictionnaire de la Prestidigitation, alongside Houdini, Copperfield and Orson Welles.

At author appearances, Sue-Anne brings  the magic to life from the Phyllis Wong mysteries at festival and school spectaculars. Webster is also the official I Dream of Jeannie ‘Jeannie’ lookalike for and is recognised internationally for her uncanny characterisation.[11] In 2009 she presented an ‘I Dream of Jeannie Tribute Show’ at the Melbourne Magic Festival.


More about Astounding!: Quick Slick Magic Tricks 

Mysteries, Magic, Adventure and Verse!

Be Noticed — Be Unique — Be ASTOUNDING!
Magician Sue-Anne Webster presents ASTOUNDING! Quick Slick Magic Tricks.
Tap into over 12 million show combinations! Discover the secrets to the art and sparkle of theatre magic to become a confident, empowered and ASTOUNDING magician. Perform solo or with friends and family. Use everyday household objects to astonish your spectators! Now, that’s ASTOUNDING!


In this episode, you’ll hear

  • Jed reads out an excerpt from Astounding and Sue shares some fascinating facts about her journey in to becoming a magician
  • Listen in as Sue Ann talk more about Astounding & the inspiration behind creating this book
  • What was the first magic trick Sue learned as a kid and as an aspiring magician?
  • What can readers expect from her book and some great advice for young kids trying to forge a career as a magician
  • Jed shares some great ancient Chinese words of wisdom from her daughter Sofia and much more…Be sure to tune in to catch all the fun!


A big thank you to Sue Ann Webster for joining us and for sharing her story with us!

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Thanks for tuning in and have a wonderful day!

For more information on Lady Magician Sue Ann Webster, check out 

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