Aimee Andren on “More Than the Moon, the Stars & the Sun”

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Reading with Your Kids Podcast Ft. Aimee Andren, A former social worker, and now a Children’s Book Author


More Than the Moon, the Stars & the Sun


Happy Sunday listeners!

We’re so excited to bring you this corker of an episode. Children’s author and current mom to two grown children, Aimme Andren shares with us how she realized when her daughter was born that there were a variety of ways to tell her how much she loved her and her latest picture book More Than the Moon, the Stars & the Sun explains in detail just how much that is, as told between a seahorse and dolphin. They each explain just how important the moon, stars, sun, land, sea, and air are, and how love is spectacular no matter what size, color, species, etc. you are.

More Than the Moon, the Stars & the Sun is 2 BOOKS IN ONE! Start from either side of the same book for two tales of love… Take a listen to this episode and discover that it doesn’t matter what color, size or species you are. Love is always spectacular!


About Annie Andren

I am fortunate to call Montana my home base, and one of my favorite places to explore.

Aimee AndrenAlthough my background includes business, real estate, and social work, my foreground is focused on writing, whether it be travel, real estate, human interest, or whatever comes my way. My children’s books were inspired by my own amazing kids, who are now adults and continue to be the lights of my life. I hope my books can play a part in the fun and bonding you share with the kids in your world as you read, laugh, and discuss the important things in life.

Discover more about Aimee Andren at

More Than the Moon, the Stars & the Sun

More Than the Moon, the Stars & the SunIn a sometimes dog eat dog world (or in this case, fish eat fish), this two-stories-for-one book is designed as an interactive tale to be read with and to the children in your life. Starting on either side, the stories meet in the middle. With concepts and words designed to intrigue, you and your children will enjoy the friendship between Seahorse and Dolphin as the two swim around their most favorite tropical island, discussing the important matters in life. Seahorse and Dolphin are quite different from one another. They are different colors, different sizes, and even different species. But that’s not what is important.

What’s important is that they love one another. More than the moon, more than the stars, and more than the sun. More than the land, more than the sea, and more than the air. Each creature is mesmerized by the depth of such great love as the other explains just how important the moon, stars, sun, land, sea, and air are. Written with words designed to give you the opportunity to delve a little deeper with your child into the layers of explanation and offer your child age-appropriate challenges in words and concepts, all the while enjoying a fun story with captivating illustrations. In this intriguing world under the sea, everyone appreciates one another for their uniqueness and encourages inclusion. Each story is told by each character, and your children will relate and appreciate the happiness and security of knowing how special they are to you.


Available on Amazon and B & N


In this episode,

  • Introduction to Aimee Andren’s latest picture book More Than the Moon, the Stars & the Sun
  • What kind of lessons kids can learn after reading this book?
  • Some of the topics families can discuss with their parents after reading More Than the Moon, the Stars & the Sun?
  • Aimee explains why it is important to let your children know you love them!
  • What kind of resources can parents and kids find on Aimee’s website?
  • What can Aimee’s fans look forward to next, other projects and much more….


A big thank you to Jenine for joining us and for sharing her story! You’re going to just love hearing about Aimee’s fascinating thoughts about her book  & you’re going to love this episode. Be sure to listen in!


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