Introducing SADIE AND THE PAINT SHOP by Deborah Sherrell

Introducing SADIE AND THE PAINT SHOP by Deborah Sherrell post thumbnail image


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The Return of Deborah Sherrell, author of SADIE AND THE PAINT SHOP

Happy Saturday people!

Today, we have a very special episode for you! Children’s book author Deborah Sherrell is returning on the Reading with Your Kids Podcast! She was on our podcast last year speaking about her other children’s book, Baby Lauren and Theodore. She is joining us today to talk about her beautiful new picture book, Sadie And The Paint Shop.
Be sure to tune in as we discuss Sadie And The Paint Shop, the inspiration behind the title, What is unusual about Deborah’s book, The Importance of Teaching Children about Art & Design, Exclusive Sneak peek into her upcoming children’s book and much more. Be sure to listen in & enjoy!

Here’s more information about the Author

Deborah Sherrell is a freelance writer and a native of California. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from UCLA in a premed major and has completed post-baccalaureate studies in medical microbiology, art, and real estate.

Deborah Sherrell


Motivated by a lifelong love of the environment, Deborah Sherrell wanted to ensure her first children’s book, Baby Lauren and Theodore, was printed using chlorine-free, recycled materials. In order to realize this goal, she founded Healing Tree Arts in 2006, a publishing company committed to creating environmentally-friendly books that heal, instruct and inspire. Since Baby Lauren and Theodore’s publication, Deborah has performed fun and educational book readings with children on both coasts. Deborah’s newest children’s book, Sadie and the Paint Shop, was recently published in late December 2018. It promotes art and healthy self-esteem. Her adult fiction novel, Portrait of a Dying Man, has been inspired by true life events and is due out in 2019.

Finally, where can we find Deborah on the internet?

Her website:




Learn more about “Sadie And The Paint Shop”

Sadie and the Paint ShopSadie is shy beyond belief. Worse yet, her teacher just assigned an International Day project that will require her to speak in front of the class! How will Sadie drum up the courage?

Enjoy traveling around the globe as Sadie discovers her hidden talent at Sadie and the Paint Shop.

P.S: Deborah would love to autograph a copy for that special child in your life! Be sure to visit her website to grab a copy and include the message you would like, along with a shipping address when ordering.


In this episode,

  • You’ll hear Deborah talking about picture book Sadie And The Paint Shop
  • How did Deborah come up with the idea for this book and what inspired the title of her book
  • What kind of themes Deborah has incorporated into her picture book
  • How has Deborah’s background as an artist played into the creation of this book?
  • What does Deborah hope for her young readers take away from this story?
  • We discuss some of the interesting facts about her book, an exclusive sneak peek into her next book and much more. Be sure to tune in to catch all the fun!


Thanks for agreeing to this interview, Deborah. We wish you all the best with Sadie And The Paint Shop!


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