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#RWYK Certified Great Read #Review –Alfred’s Dragon written by Dennis Knapp

5 stars for Alfred's Dragon


Woohoo, we’re so excited and proud to announce that Alfred’s Dragon by Dennis Knapp has been named a Reading with Your Kids Certified Great Read! 

At ReadingwithYourKids, we encourage parents to  expose their kids to different kinds of books, or genres. Well, while a love of reading of any sort is to be nurtured, Sharing lots of different kinds, or genres, of books with your child exposes him/her to different words, different kinds of images, and whole new worlds. Therefore, we LOVE to read different genres and recommend the BEST book to families!

Our world today was created by events and people in the past.  So If we don’t discuss what happened and why, kids don’t understand what’s going on in the world today. But to understand what’s happening in the here and now, we have to look into the past which leads us  to  the medieval times. Alfred’s Dragon by medieval history educator Dennis Knapp is a wonderful introduction to the world of Middle ages. So we hope you and your family enjoy reading Alfred’s Dragon as much as we did!


Let’s have a look at the Book Blurb

Alfred’s Dragon

Dragons!!! Are they real? Join young knight-in-training Alfred, as a chance discovery leads him on a Medieval adventure filled with imagination and revelations both fun and fearsome! Alfred’s journey answers age old questions all young children (and some adults) have about Medieval dragons: Were they real? And why did those who lived during this time believe in these wondrous creatures?


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More about the Author

Dennis Knapp is The Medieval Dude.

And, the Medieval Dude is the real deal – no history buffery here!  With a master’s degree in Military History from Norwich University and a bachelor’s degree in History and Broadfield Social Studies from Cardinal Stritch University, Dennis Knapp provides a vast array of historical knowledge, using authentic historical artifacts and reproductions, along with a sense of humor and engaging style for history students
of all ages.

Dennis Knapp is cleared through LiveScan, and has over ten years of experience teaching, camp counseling and educating students from first grade to senior citizens.  An educator at heart, he is currently completing a second master’s degree in Curriculum Design from Ashford University.

An event with the Medieval Dude is fun with an educational purpose.  All lessons meet California State Standards for History while connecting the reality and authenticity of medieval history in a fun, interactive and hands-on experience that won’t soon be forgotten.

Author Dennis Knapp is is a Medieval history educator who has dedicated his life to the advancement of innovative history curriculum that enhances and expands upon concepts taught in the classroom.

Where can you find Dennis on the internet?


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Our Review

An absolutely fun and adorable adventure to the times of knights and Dragons through one young boys’ imagination!

Alfred’s Dragon written by medievalist and a history enthusiast Dennis Knapp is a cute story set in medieval times that follows a young boy named Alfred who loves listening to tales of dragon sightings and imagines himself as a fearless Knight. Alfred seeks a larger than life adventure fighting dragons & saving princesses. The real adventure begins when Alfred senses something strange at The Olde Climbing Tree, his favorite destination to day dream about brave knights and fierce Dragons. Can a dragon possibly exist? At the end of the story, author answers this age old question all young children have about medieval dragons.

I think it’s a perfect book to introduce kids to the life in the middle Ages. The knights, the castles, the dragons….it all adds up to a very exciting historical period. Through adventurous journey, readers are introduced to some fascinating medieval words referring to “weapons of the knight, parts of castles and medieval life in general” are embedded throughout the story in a fun way which are highlighted in bold and underlined text.  A Glossary of Medieval Terms and words are also given at the end of the book for young readers helping them to learn these words and develop a rich vocabulary.

The Illustrations are cleverly done and charming, perfect for engaging a child in the story and in the medieval culture. Fun little details are incorporated in each picture adding to the books enchanting appeal.

Alfred’s book is a fun and simple book about being brave and imagination. I recommend this book to parents, teachers, family and friends to share with their little one!

Final verdict

Overall, Alfred’s Dragon is a sweet and imaginative story that little readers will enjoy. The illustrations are fantastic! It’s entertaining for kids and adults alike. Also teaches kids to brave and imaginative. I recommend this book to parents, teachers, family and friends to share with their little one! A young knight in training, some dragons and a whole lot of humor!


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