Is Your Child an Emotional eater? Join us to find out!

Is Your Child an Emotional eater? Join us to find out! post thumbnail image

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Emotional Eating: Francie Healey Discusses How to handle Overeating in Children

Hey everyone! In today’s episode of the Reading with Your Kids Podcast, we are taking a step back from discussing books and authors to talk about an extremely important topic i.e Emotional Eating in Children.

Emotional eating is when people use food as a way to deal with feelings instead of to satisfy hunger. We’ve all been there, finishing a whole bag of chips out of boredom while cramming for a big test. But when done a lot — especially without realizing it — emotional eating can affect weight, health, and overall well-being.

We consider ourselves lucky to be joined by Francie Healey,  a mental health counselor and the author of Eat to Beat Alzheimer’s to talk about Emotional Eating in children and it’s effects, How to spot an emotional eater, What’s the problem with being an emotional eater and some healthy coping strategies to help your child. Be sure to tune in to find out secrets to end Emotional Eating once & for all!


Here’s more information about Francie Healey

Francie is a health and wellness counselor, who combines her expertise in nutrition and mental health. She is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Certified Health Counselor in private practice. She holds a Master’s degree in counseling and a certification in health counseling. Her public speaking topics include: brain health and diet, eating well on a budget, self-care and self-worth, infant and child nutrition, and the connection between food and mood.  Francie works privately with clients both locally and nationally.

Francie’s first book, Eat to Beat Alzheimer’s, is a manual for health and cooking.  It provides nutritional science and education to help readers become well-informed on the connection between the food they eat and how it affects their brain health now and in future years.


More about Eat to Beat Alzheimer’s: Delicious Recipes and New Research to Prevent and Slow Dementia

Eat to Beat Alzheimer’s offers a practical guide and an empowering tool to bring nourishing, healthful, and delicious food into the lives of people concerned about Alzheimer’s and other cognitive problems. Almost 9 million people in the U.S. suffer from Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, and the toll is rapidly increasing. This book will appeal to everyone concerned about dementia and memory loss in either themselves or a loved one.

Recent research makes clear that the impact of aging on the brain can be reduced by simple diet and lifestyle modifications. The delicious food choices and easy-to-prepare recipes in this book are based on the latest findings showing that they can help slow the progression of Alzheimer’s and other conditions like it, or prevent them entirely.

Readers will gain the knowledge and tools to take charge of their health by incorporating tasty, healing foods into their diet. The information in this cookbook will be as relevant and useful 20 years from now as it is today. And the recipes will still be just as delicious.

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In this episode, we discuss

  • What is Emotional Eating and how to spot if your child is an emotional eater
  • How is emotional eating different from eating because of physical hunger

  • What are the possible causes of emotional eating?

  • Some of the healthy responses to this problem and path to improved health and much more…


Listen in as Francie  gives some great advise to parents on how to break the cycle of emotional eating in your children and put them on a path to a new, healthier relationship with food!

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Thanks for tuning in and have a wonderful day!😆



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