join us for the Adventures of PRINCESS RAIN AND THE DRAGON!

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RWYK Interview with Author Helena Yates & Illustrator Wendy Crouch – PRINCESS RAIN AND THE DRAGON

Welcome, dear listeners to the Reading with Your Kids Podcast! Today we’re super excited to have the opportunity to interview both author and illustrator of a delightful children’s picture book titled PRINCESS RAIN AND THE DRAGON. Please welcome to show author Helena Yates and illustrator Wendy Crouch!

There is so much information packed into this episode of the Reading With Your Kids Podcast, you do not want to miss a second of it. Hope you guys enjoy the interview as much as we did recording!


Here’s more information about Helena Yates

Helena YatesHelena Yates is the author of the Princess Rain and Sir Sidney Dragon book series. Her first book Princess Rain and the Dragon was published by Taylor and Seale, LLC in 2014. Helena and illustrator Wendy C. Crouch’s second book One Potato (Book 2 of the Princess Rain and Sir Sidney Dragon book series) is forthcoming. Helena is an award winning lyricist and songwriter, a teacher of classical ballet, and an avid performer who has been bringing the story of Princess Rain and the Dragon to life with her creative partner, Wendy C. Crouch, through a popular puppet show presentation. As a busy mother of three children, Helena hopes to share her love of learning, cooking, and old-fashioned, creative, childhood FUN through the adventures of Princess Rain and Sir Sidney Dragon.


More about Illustrator Wendy Crouch

Wendy C. Crouch is a published children’s book illustrator, visual artist, and painting instructor (Painting with a Twist in Daytona Beach, FL). She is a multifaceted artist –creating paintings, prints, painted furniture, ceramic ware, murals, and more.  Most recently, her art can be found in the pages of the charming story book Princess Rain and the Dragon, published by Taylor and Seale, LLC in 2014 (book one of the Princess Rain and Sir Sidney Dragon book series).

Wendy has also had the honor of painting a time capsule commemorating the 100th anniversary of Girl Scouts (on display at The Casements, John D. Rockefeller house in Ormond Beach, Florida). For the past eight years, she has also been co-coordinator of the Central Florida Girl Scout Art Gala. In addition, she has created CD cover art for the albums Shine (a compilation of Central Florida Musicians) and E by the indie band Local Juju. Wendy also enjoys designing whimsical Christmas bulbs (including commemorative bulbs for the Civic Ballet of Volusia County). When she’s not painting, she’s spending time with her husband, four daughters and her many critters.



Rain is a regular little girl who loves to pretend that she is the princess of her backyard. In fact, her very favorite pastime is to sit under the beautiful branches of her “castle” (a forsythia bush) and to eat her favorite snack — a very unique peanut butter sandwich. However, everything changes when Rain dreams there is a dragon in her backyard. Will her big imagination get the better of her and keep her from enjoying what she loves, or will she conquer and confront her fears? Join Princess Rain in this delightful journey of a brave little girl.

Buy your copy of PRINCESS RAIN AND THE DRAGON to learn more about Princess Rain’s adventure!



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In this episode, we discuss

  • More about Princess Rain and The Dragon and the main character
  • Where do Helen & Wendy find their inspiration for new stories and characters? And how do they keep on top of all their thoughts and ideas?
  • How does the illustrations of Princess Rain and The Dragon is special and different from other picture books
  • What can readers expect from their book and what kind of messages do they want readers to take away after reading this book
  • Where can people find them online, discuss some of the amazing things their website has to offer to kids
  • Upcoming projects and more…Be sure to tune in to find out & you’ll be amazed!


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