A Doll For Me by Andrea Coke: #RWYK Certified Great Read

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A Doll For Me by Andrea Coke: #RWYK Certified Great Read – Book Review


Many children around the world don’t often see themselves represented-  Kids of color and kids with any type of difference are wildly underrepresented in the toy market. Children’s book author Andrea Coke seeks to change that through her adorable new picture book titled, A Doll For Me.

Let’s Take A Look At The Book Blurb

When you were young, did your dolls look like you? Molly Morningstar is a problem-solving, spunky little girl with a problem. She needs a doll for an important party, and she can’t find one that looks like her! Molly’s parents are used to it, resigned even – but not Molly! What does she do after searching EVERYWHERE, only to find that doll after doll, they ALL look the same?? Determined to not settle, Molly finds the solution to this big problem herself! Every child deserves to see themselves represented in books, toys and dolls. Grab this fun story today and support diversity learning for kids!

About The Author

Andrea Coke wears many hats, can you relate? A wife, mother of four, teacher, speech-language pathologist, book reviewer, and now, author. Creating engaging children’s stories that embrace well-being, diversity, and inclusion is where Andrea’s heart lies. After a childhood of inserting herself into other people’s experiences, she is thrilled to bring to life books for kids that reflect their own experiences.

Andrea holds a Master of Health Science from the University of Toronto in Speech-Language Pathology, a Bachelor of Education from York University and a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics from York University, in Canada. All this to say: Andrea knows about communication. Originally from the twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago, Andrea currently lives in Canada with her family. Andrea knows as well as everyone the importance of connection for healthy happy living, and plans to devote time and energy over the coming years, helping children around the world communicate to connect.

Here’s Our Review

A Doll for me features an African-American child named Molly who is invited to attend a tea party to celebrate her friend Emma’s birthday. Every child is supposed to join the party with their favorite dolls. Molly is excited to go to Emma’s house as she has loads of toys to play with. Especially, all the dolls that look just like Emma. Molly is now on a mission to find a doll that looks like her, to take to Emma’s party.  With the help of her mother, Molly scans all her existing dolls, new dolls at the store and online but all the dolls look the same and they hardly resemble Molly. Molly then takes the problem into her own hands – literally.  She decides to create her own doll by using stuff from her mam’s junk drawer. She handmakes a unique doll from scratch that looks just like her. Molly’s doll is special. It is one of a kind – just like Molly.

Final Verdict

Dolls make a powerful impression on young women and their confidence so every child has the right to receive a doll that represents themselves – no matter their ethnicity, ability, or social status. Unfortunately, stores rarely stock shelves with dolls displaying kids of color, scars or birthmarks, or any other unique characteristic representing inclusivity for children. A Doll For Me addresses this issue with the help of a light-hearted story for kids to understand. Great choice to start a conversation with your kids about diversity and inclusion. Parents and caregivers can use the book as a tool to help children embrace their heritage, feel comfortable in their skin, and be confident and proud right from childhood.



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