Everybody’s Good at Something: Yoga Tales from the Gym: #RWYK Certified Great Read

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Everybody’s Good at Something: Yoga Tales from the Gym – #RWYK Certified Great Read#Book Review!

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We’re Back with our brand NEW Reading with Your Kids Certified Great Read!

Today on the Reading with your kids, we are ELATED  to introduce our readers to a very special children’s picture book, Everybody’s Good at Something: Yoga Tales from the Gym.  The book addresses a very important message to kids – “Everybody is good at something –  you just need to discover your talent.”

Congratulations to Susan Rose for earning this prestigious status for her wonderful little book!



Everybody's Good at Something: Yoga Tales from the GymBuilding Self-Confidence and Fitness One Yoga Pose at a Time!

Do you want to help children develop self-confidence and improve their fitness levels? The two go hand in hand!

Everybody’s Good at Something is the story of Katie, who can’t do anything in gym class until Miss Bendy, the PE teacher, introduces yoga.

Children and adults will identify with Katie, as she discovers what she IS good at!

So much more than a story, Everybody’s Good at Something includes a fun and effective yoga practice to improve self-confidencefitness levels, and overall well-being!

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About the Author

Susan E RoseSusan Rose is a Certified YOGAKIDS™ Teacher with a Masters Degree in Physical Education. She has taught gymnastics, fitness, and yoga to children of all ages for many years. Susan loves helping children become more comfortable with their bodies through yoga. As they discover what they can do, children gain confidence and feel good about themselves. Susan and her husband Fritz live in Tarpon Springs, FL.
Additional yoga resources can be found at www.susanroseyoga.com


Everybody’s Good at Something written by Susan Rose and illustrated by Emily Hercock is a book about self-esteem. It will help your child build his or her self-esteem and find out what he or she is good at. The story follows a young girl named Katie and how she discovered what she was good at. Along the way, she discovers the amazing benefits of practicing yoga, and she learns the powerful message –  everybody is good at something!

This beautiful yoga book for kids is a great introduction to yoga for little ones. The fun and calming story incorporate a variety of simple poses while teaching kids how yoga can help them to relax and slow down. The gentle illustrations accompanying the story are relaxing on their own and place emphasis on the calm nature of yoga, as well as how fun it can be to practice with friends. These colorful illustrations place the poses in situations that kids will want to imagine themselves doing. The book offers tips on how to use the book with your kids, as well as a parent guide for more information. This would be a great way to start a discussion with your children about emotions while getting them moving and having fun.

A reading child will enjoy discovering and figuring it out for himself and adults can use the book for a jump-off to many discussions. Susan’s work is outstanding on many levels and we look forward to seeing more of her books.



Everybody’s Good at Something is one of the best self-esteem books for kids that are out there today! Whether your kids are toddlers or teens or somewhere in between, this lovely book is guaranteed to boost the confidence in children of all ages. This book focuses on relaxation and confidence-building. It offers a lot of choices for integrating breathing and poses into everyday life. Adults can get a lot out of this book, too. The story’s fun and the illustrations are simply stunning. It’s a feel-good book that empowers young readers to love themselves, find greatness in themselves, and work hard to achieve their goals. This book is a perfect reminder that each one of us is unique and special in our own way, and it encourages kids to discover their greatness.


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