The Big Move – Our Latest Certified Great Read

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Congratulations to Marla Huehmer. Her adorable picture book The Big Move is our latest Reading With Your Kids Certified Great Read!

Here’s A Look At The Book Blurb

Have you ever had to move? Moving can bring about many different feelings in children. Join this family of Snails as they move to their new home. The Big Move is a great book to read with your children to start them talking about their feelings.

This book includes a paper cut-out activity. “Slide” into our world and enjoy cutting, gluing and pasting colorful characters onto two landscaped scenes that are provided for you in this book. There is also a delicious juice recipe, and a popular song called Snail Punch!


A Little Bit About The Author

Marla Huehmer is a School Psychologist, and has worked with children in the areas of counseling and psychology for over 20 years. After the birth of her first child, she decided to document her journey of parenthood with words and pictures. She is now delighted to be able to work with her two daughter to write amazing books with beautiful illustrations. 

She is the Author of Andrew The Blue-Eared Puppy, The Circus Fish, The Big Move, and other upcoming books.  Marla’s books are unique and viewed as above and beyond in style, color, and design. She creates illustrations with her children. People love that the images look as if they are jumping out of the page.

Here Is Our Review

The Big Move is a great resource for any parent looking to help their children deal with the many emotions involved in moving or any big transition. Written by Marla Huehmer, a school psychologist, The Big Move tells a sweet story about a lovely little snail family as they prepare to move into a new home. The snail kids are understandably excited and concerned, experiencing many of the same emotions human children feel when their family has to move, or when a close friend is moving. Huehmer’s Snail Parents lovingly comfort their kids, helping them deal with their fears and sadness while encouraging them to look forward to new friendships and adventures.

In addition to providing a great model parents can use to help their own kids deal with difficult change The Big Move provides families with hours of fun away from the pages of the book. The delightful illustrations featured in the story were created by Huehmer and her children Natasha and London. The author teaches families how they can “slide” into the Huehmer Family’s World by cutting and pasting the characters and backgrounds found at the back of the book. Families can also find a recipe to make a delicious Snail Punch, and lyrics to the Snail Punch Song, (Available on Spotify)

If you are looking for a book to provide your family with hours of interactive fun be sure to check out The Big Move.

Final Verdict

The Big Move By Marla Huehmer Is Big Time Family Fun!

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