“The Munchy Munchy Cookbook for Kids” by Pierre Lamielle

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Meet the award-winning Chef Pierre A. Lamielle, author of The Munchy Munchy Cookbook for Kids

Happy Saturday RWYK family!

This interview is one of the most delightful conversations we’ve ever had on the Reading with Your Kids podcast! Today we’re talking about FOOD. In this episode, we welcome Pierre A. Lamielle, an award-winning cookbook author, chef, and illustrator! If you’re hungry then you do not want to miss this episode of the Reading with Your Kids podcast!

In this interview, Pierre talks about his brand new children’s book The Munchy Munchy Cookbook for Kids, he also shares his insights into taking charge of our kid’s health by incorporating tasty, healing foods into their diet and shares some healthy recipes that make a nourishing and energy-sustaining snack food. Be sure to make this recipe with your kids & have fun!


About the Author

The Munchy Munchy Cookbook for Kids: Essential Skills and Recipes Every Young Chef Should Know

The Munchy Munchy Cookbook for KidsWhat makes good food taste good? A team of tastes and flavors of course!

Fun illustrations and quirky characters bring the kitchen to life. Join Pierre Lamielle on a kitchen adventure as he introduces you to the Munchy Munchy Gang, a team of characters here to educate kids on the art of cooking and the range of flavors they’ll encounter. Learn how to make over 28 different recipes, including ketchup, pancakes, and other kid favorites with simple instructions and illustrations for every step. Pierre’s characters make complex cooking theories, like balancing the five tastes, accessible to kids of all ages. The perfect manual for a budding chef!



In this episode, we discuss

  • If Pierre has a background as a chef?
  • More about his newly released children’s book, The Munchy Munchy Cookbook for Kids
  • What motivated and inspired Pierre to write a cookbook for kids?
  • Pierre shares her insights into why some kids don’t like to eat and he advises on how to better connect with those kids to help them experience eating as a fun positive thing?
  • Pierre shares with us a Canadian delicacy that is simple and easy to cook with the kids.
  • Where can we find Pierre Lamielle online?



A big Thank You To Pierre Lamielle for joining us, and for introducing his wonderful book to our listeners!


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