Introducing “The CHATTERBOX Girl” by Elaine Carrier

Introducing “The CHATTERBOX Girl” by Elaine Carrier post thumbnail image

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RWYK Podcast Starring Elaine Carrier, Author of the Debut Middle-Grade Fantasy “The CHATTERBOX Girl”

The Chatterbox Girl by Elaine Carrier


In this episode, our host Jed Doherty invites a fellow Bostonian, Elaine Carrier! Elaine is joining Jed on the Reading with Your Kids podcast to celebrate her debut middle-grade KidLit, “The CHATTERBOX Girl“.

The Chatterbox Girl was a finalist in the 2019 International Book Awards.


More about the Author

Elaine CarrierDid you grow up in the 1970’s? I did. Have you ever wondered what it was like to live in a time when there were no cell phones, computers or video games? Even though it sounds boring, it wasn’t!

I was lucky to experience the 70’s as the youngest of four kids, with three older brothers. We were always outside, exploring the woods, hiking, fishing, swimming, and riding bikes.

My memories of adventure-filled summers, along with a lifetime love of reading and music, spilled from my imagination onto the pages of The Chatterbox Girl.

I also love animals, especially cats and dogs. They really add fun and companionship to our lives. Have you ever wondered what your cat or dog was thinking? What do they do when they follow a trail into the woods? If you read the Chatterbox Girl, you’ll find out.

My book was fun to write because the story I have to tell, leads you from a small town in America filled with quirky interesting characters to a world that could rival Alice’s Wonderland!

Let’s just say, my motto is: never follow a large orange tiger cat into the woods unless you want your life changed forever!

And don’t worry…..i’m writing a sequel!


Connect with Elaine Carrier on her website:

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CHATTERBOX GIRL COVER JPEG FILE FROM MAEPoppy, her brother Finn, and their friends, Mike, Charlie, and Ella are about to have the most unexpected and amazing school vacation of their lives. During the summer break of 1975, long before cell phones and computer games, these five kids trade homework and bullies for camping, swimming, fishing and exploring the deep woods. It’s what they discover in these woods that is the gateway to adventures beyond their wildest dreams. They meet unique allies and formidable foes, experience love, and loss face a challenging life-saving quest, battle nasty enemies and make new and treasured friends on their journey. They emerge from the forest and return home with a new perspective on life. This incredible experience allows them to conquer everyday challenges and to be more accepting of those who struggle. A message of tolerance, equality, and respect is woven into this charismatic and fun-filled magical adventure.

The Chatterbox Girl is available in ebook format on and most available online sites, such as



In this episode of the Reading with Your Kids Podcast, you’ll hear:

  • What inspired Elaine to write The CHATTERBOX Girl?
  • How was life different in 1975 as compared to the current times?
  • Some of the adventure the kids in Elaine’s book experience when they go out in the woods?
  • Elaine’s most favorite character in the book? Is there someone in her life who inspired this character?
  • What’s next for Elaine, some fun facts about her book, future plans and much more.


A big Thank You to Elaine Carrier for joining us! Glad you all could join us for today’s guest interview! We hope you’ve enjoyed this interview and we look forward to introducing you to some great guests in our next episode.


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Thanks for tuning in and have a great day!


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