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A Heart -To-Heart with J .P. Cawood, Author of The Wrong Rock

Happy Sunday everyone! Reading with Your kids Podcast is delighted to welcome J .P. Cawood, author of The Wrong Rock. Cawoods’s book is a touching story about a Mushroom that teaches kids an important message that similarities trump differences.

In this episode, we talk about Cawood’s just released, adorable children’s picture book The wrong Rock, what inspired her to write this book, her publishing journey, Her Middle grade series and other book, future projects and much more. Tune in to find out all about J.P. Cawood and her book!


Here’s more information about J.P. Cawood

JP CawoodJP Cawood has developed television series & pilots for Syfy Network, TLC, Investigation Discovery, Destination America, History Channel, Lifetime Movie Network, and Pivot/Participant. Now telling stories through books, JP writes science fiction/fantasy because the future is now and imagination is the key that unlocks all great mysteries. As a lifelong student of the mystical unknowns, JP has traveled the world in search of truth, beauty, and goodness. JP has lived in France, Britain, India, and many cities across America.


Let’s look at the blurb of The Wrong Rock

Martin the Mushroom was born on the wrong rock. He embarks on an epic journey across the sea to get to another rock covered with enthusiastic mushrooms. But Martin doesn’t look the same as those mushrooms and they push him away. Martin’s adventure teaches an inspiring and valuable lesson about equality by exposing the truth that… despite our differences, we are all living on the same rock. 34 pages of full-color images based on artwork from the short film of the same name.


Here is the link to the Amazon page for The Wrong Rock



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In this episode, we discuss

  • J.P. Cawood talks about The Wrong Rock and where did she get the idea to write this book
  • She shares her experience of being a part of television industry and what inspires her stories
  • Jed and J. P. Cawood also talks about the important of teaching tolerance to kids and how her book can help parents and children to get the conversation started
  • She further breaks the news of The wrong Rock being made into an animated film about passion, ambition & equality, her future projects & much more.

A big thank you to J.P for joining us!

If you haven’t already done so, listen to this episode & feel free to share it by using the social media buttons at the bottom of this page. We would LOVE if you could leave us a review on iTunes.

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!


Learn more about J.P. & her book by visiting

Her website:

Twitter: @jpcawoodbooks





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