Minas Magic Malong: A Children’s Picture Book that talks about love, relationships, and separation

Minas Magic Malong: A Children’s Picture Book that talks about love, relationships, and separation post thumbnail image

Reading With Your Kids Welcomes Back Eva Wong Nova – Mina’s Magic Malong

Hello RWYK Family! It’s a very special episode of the Reading with Your Kids Podcast!

Eva Wong Nava is a children’s author who writes to create a more open and inclusive world. She returns to the #RWYK #Podcast to celebrate the benefits of reading aloud her wonderful book Mina’s Magic Malong. Eva believes that this book will open families to talk about love, relationships, and separation.

Minas Magic Malong by Eva Wong Nava, co-written with June Ho, is a heart-touching story about a young girl and her caregiver, that reminds children as well as adults about the beauty of culture and how we must never take for granted those that put us before themselves.



More About The Author

Eva Wong NavaEva Wong Nava is an award-winning children’s book author. She lives between two worlds and writes to help young readers understand the world they live in. Her Moonbeam Award book, Open: A Boy’s Wayang Adventure, helps readers be more compassionate to individuals on the autism spectrum. Her debut Picture Book, The Boy Who Talks in Bits and Bobs, draws attention to a boy who finds it challenging to speak and was written to help children be more empathetic to those who live with speech impediments.


Visit her website and blog for information about ASD and speech impediments: www.evawongnava.com

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Learn more about “Minas Magic Malong”

A heart-warming story of a young girl and her nanny, with a hint of magic and love!

Minas Magic MalongMinas Magic Malong introduces a woman from Southern Philippines, and her charge, Ella—-two diverse characters, both grappling with separation. The story helps young readers to appreciate diverse cultures and traditions, where the emotional needs of both adult and child are checked in an encouraging and positive way. This picture book raises awareness of the sacrifices migrant-domestic workers make when they leave their homes to work overseas, and the important bonds that bloom between caretakers and children.




Minas Magic Malong is available in all good bookstores that stock good quality children’s literature. It is also available at Times Bookstore Singapore, Huggs-Epigram Coffee Bookstore, and in Kinokuniya Singapore. You can also find Minas Magic Malong in bookstores in Malaysia. Kinokuniya Singapore ships internationally.



In This Episode, You’ll Discover

  • Introduction to an award-winning children’s book author, Eva Wong Nava
  • Learn all about Mina’s Magic Malong, a picture book by Penguin Random House
  • Eva tells us how she intersects art and stories in her work and why is she keen on collaborations?
  • Eva explains how her book celebrates the women who must mother other women’s babies and that her book is a voice to these mothers to help young readers develop compassion and empathy for women like Mina
  • What’s next in the pipeline for Eva Wong Nava & more…Happy Listening!


A big thank you to Eva Wong Nava for joining us and for sharing her wonderful insights with us!


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