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In Conversation with Justin Dean, Debut Middle-Grade author/illustrator of Awesome Dog 5000 (Book 1)

Hey there,

We’re delighted to share our conversation with a debut middle-grade author, Justin Dean! Justin is the author of Awesome Dog 5000, a new action-comedy series about three video game-loving best friends and their Robo pet. Together they’re blasting off on an adventure that will unleash the awesome!

Be sure to tune in as we discuss Awesome Dog 5000, the inspiration behind the title and writing for a middle-grade audience, What is unusual about Justin’s book, Importance of teaching a foreign language to kids, Exclusive Sneak peek into Nury’s upcoming children’s book and much more. Be sure to listen in & enjoy!

Sit back and be ready to be entertained by a special storyteller. You’ll be asking for more!


More about the author

Justin DeanJustin Dean is an award-winning writer of television commercials who has led national campaigns for brands such as South Park, Conan, and the Olympics. Now he writes bizarro and funny books for kids, too. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two kids. Unfortunately, they don’t have any robot pets (yet).

Visit him at

You can also find him on YouTube under Awesome Draw 5000 and on Instagram @jddean5000


More about “Awesome Dog 5000 (Book 1)”

Awesome Dog 5000Heads up, DOG MAN lovers! Watch out, readers/listeners of BAD GUYS! Robotic dog AWESOME DOG 5000 is in the neighborhood and he’s…well, he’s awesome.

Marty, Ralph, and Skyler might make the ultimate secret combo when battling alien-slime ninjas in their favorite video game, but in real life, they’re just regular kids. That is until the three best friends discover Awesome Dog 5000, a robotic dog with very real power-ups. Awesome Dog can “bark” a sonic boom, “walk” at speeds over 300 miles per hour, and “fetch” with an atomic cannon. Life for Marty, Ralph, and Skyler just got a major turbo-boost!

Buy it NOW on Amazon!


In this episode, 

  • You’ll hear Justin talking about his debut middle-grade book, Awesome Dog 5000
  • How did Justin come up with the idea for this book and what inspired the title of his book
  • What is the most interesting part of writing/publishing children’s books?
  • What inspires Justin to write for middle graders?
  • With a background in animation and toys, is Justin looking forward to doing an animated story of awsome dogs?
  • We discuss some of the interesting facts about his book, an exclusive sneak peek into his next book and much more. Be sure to tune in to catch all the fun!


A big Thank you to Justin Dean for doing this Interview! We’re so glad to bring this wonderful book to all our listeners and we hope you’ll check out more of his books in the future!


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Thanks for tuning in and have a wonderful Friday!

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