Before I Sleep I Say Thank You

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Before I Sleep I Say Thank You

Interview with Children’s Author Carol Gordon Ekster

Would you like to start a new bedtime tradition that underscores the importance of gratitude?


Read Before I Sleep: I Say Thank You written by Carol Gordon Ekster  with your children to begin a nightly routine of saying five things you are grateful for before bed. It will add sweetness and joy before your little one falls asleep. It’s a great reminder to practice gratitude, and an excellent tool to teach children to examine their consciences every day.  Carol joined us for this episode to talk about her book and what inspired her to write children’s book.

Carol Gordon Ekster is an amazing author. She writes for children and she does an inspiring and encouraging job. She is the author of Where Am I Sleeping Tonight?- A Story of Divorce and Ruth the Sleuth and the Messy RoomCarol retired after teaching 4th grade for 35 years. She starts her day exercising and doing yoga, then works on her writing and book promotion. She loves to discuss using picture books with all elementary grade students and has presented about this at conferences. She is excited that her writing gives her another way to communicate with children.

Join us as Carol talks about her newest book, Before I Sleep: I Say Thank You, with Pauline Books and Media illustrated by Mary Rojas. This is a sweet children’s book encouraging a bedtime routine. At bedtime, a mother and child think about their day and remember one thing each is sorry for, then the child recalls five things to be grateful for, takes a peaceful breath, and falls asleep. Carol also describes her journey as a writer & What inspired her to write this book.

Carol also shares her experiences when she faced rejections for her books and how she turned them into experiences that shaped and primed her for success. Jed & Carol discuss why it is so important to teach children at a young age to be grateful for what they have and they encourage every parent to be a  good role model for their kids. Carol has some important pieces of advice & great tips for parents. Listen and hear what Carol has to say – you might be surprised!

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