Crush Your Test Anxiety: How to be Calm, Confident & Focused!!

Crush Your Test Anxiety: How to be Calm, Confident & Focused!! post thumbnail image

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In Conversation with Dr. Ben Bernstein, author of Crush Your Test Anxiety

Hello, our dear listeners! Today, we’re ELATED to welcome Dr. Ben Bernstein,  a professional educator, a licensed psychologist and the author of Crush Your Test Anxiety. Dr. Bernstein is the go-to expert for improving test performance. His book is the comprehensive guide to reducing test anxiety and test stress.

Crush Your Test Anxietyis the newest and most needed of exam prep books. Written by Dr. Ben Bernstein, a teacher for forty-two years and a performance psychologist since 1985, it gives the exam-taker effective study skills, strategies to reduce exam taking anxiety and a guided roadmap to perform better on exams.

Dr. Ben Bernstein was kind enough to join us today to talk about his book and nine effective tools for being calm, confident and focused on any exam. This episode is full of great insights so make sure to tune in and educate yourself!


Learn more about Ben Bernstein

BEN BERNSTEIN, Ph.D.Ben Bernstein, Ph.D., is a performance coach, a licensed psychologist, and a national speaker on the subject of stress and performance. His model for test success is used in schools, universities, prisons, and programs for underserved college-bound youth. An educator for the last forty years, Dr. Bernstein has taught at every level of the educational system. Born in Brooklyn, New York, he began his teaching career in Bedford-Stuyvesant in 1969. A graduate of Bowdoin College, Dr. Bernstein received a master’s degree in music composition from Mills College and a doctorate from the University of Toronto.

Among his many accomplishments, he is a performance coach in the Young Musicians Program for inner-city teenagers at UC Berkeley; a recipient of major grants from the American and Canadian governments; the first director of improvisation at Robert Redford’s Sundance Institute in Utah; the founder of the Singer’s Gym, a professional workshop for opera singers in the Bay Area; and the creator and producer of original musicals and films with psychiatric patients in the United States and Australia.

Dr. Ben Bernstein lives in San Francisco, California.


More about Crush Test Anxiety

Crush Test AnxietyTests cause a lot of stress and anxiety, but no more! Performance coach Ben Bernstein delivers a comprehensive training guide on how to improve test scores. These lessons avoid memorization and answering strategies and instead address the test-taker individually to determine what they need to perform well at test time.

Based on 50 years of teaching experience and 35 years of practice as a clinical psychologist, this book distills the best practices used by elite athletes, performing artists, and top business executives to create a system that can be applied to any test, including the SAT, ACT, LSAT, MCAT, GRE, GMAT, licensing exams, finals, and even driving tests. The system trains test takers to be calm, confident and focused: the dependable “three-legged stool” for successful performance. Also included are special chapters for parents and teachers, as well as online access to additional test-prep material for individual use.

Click the Amazon link below to grab your copy of Crush Your Test Anxiety and teach your kids how to be Calm, Confident & Focus on any test!


In this episode,

  • Dr. Bernstein introduces his book Crush Your Test Anxiety
  • He talks us through all the tools his book provides to help kids to be calm, confident and focused on any test
  • What inspired him to write the book and what were his goals and intentions in this book
  • Dr. Bernstein encourages parents to put themselves in their children’s shoes and understand the situation they are in
  • What would Dr. Bernstein like readers to take away from this book?


Thank you, Dr. Bernstein, for joining us and for sharing your wonderful book with us!



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