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Get Ready To Meet The Author Of The Phyllis Wong Mysteries

Headshot of Geoffrey McSkimmingWe are so excited to welcome Geoffrey McSkimming to the Reading With Your Kids Podcast. Geoffrey is the author of the Phyllis Wong Mysteries. Phyllis Wong is a courageous and loyal friend, and a very clever conjuror. You are going to love meeting Phyllis and her lovable collection of friends.I am especially a fan of the really fun way Geoffrey has with language.

In late March Geoffrey will be introducing us to a brand new Phyllis Wong Mystery. We thought this would be a great time to introduce you to Phyllis and all of her fabulous friends, so you will be all caught up when the new book debuts next month.

Here is the best news. You can experience Phyllis Wong for FREE with our special two month Epic free trial. Click on the Phyllis Wong banner below, use the promo code Jedlie, and you and your kids can read Phyllis Wong, and over 20,000 other great kids books, for FREE for two months!

Phyllis Wong Book

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