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Author Charlotte Cooper discusses GERRY MOUSE

Hello everyone! We, at Reading with Your kids Podcast strongly believe that reading and telling stories present opportunities to teach children important lessons and today, we’re delighted to introduce author Charlotte Cooper to our listeners. Parents who are looking for storybooks that teach children about social awareness, acceptance and compassion may want to get a copy of Charlotte Cooper’s latest storybook, “Gerry Mouse”. Gerry Mouse” is a timely tale that sheds light on some of today’s most pressing problems. It is a story for all ages; even adults will learn a thing or two from the issues raised in this book.

Charlotte is joining us to talk about her process of writing, her books and her latest release Gerry Mouse Series. In this  interview, learn more about her writing career, her books and other fun facts. Be sure to tune in & join the adventures of Gerry Mouse!

Here’s more information about Charlotte Cooper

Image result for charlotte cooper gerry mouse authorCharlotte Cooper is a hospital social worker. Over the past forty years, she has met with children and their families, throughout Canada, as they cope with the pain of realizing that they are different. Plagued by illness, disability, loss, addictions, racial differences, violence, poverty, or homelessness, they face discrimination and rejection. Gerry Mouse and Big Man represent the children and adults she has met and show us the world through their eyes.

More about Gerry & Mouse

Gerry Mouse is symbolic of all that is despised in the normal world. A mouse, like an indigent person, is unwanted in our day-to-day life. He is feared and believed to carry disease or harbor bugs. He chews away on our hard-earned, cherished valuables. Gerry Mouse is, thankfully, ignorant of the tainted beliefs that surround him as he views the world through woefully innocent eyes. Still, unlike Big Man, who has learned to numb himself against the slurs thrown by society, Gerry Mouse is confused and hurt by the feelings of sadness, loneliness, and emptiness that haunt him whenever he sees families who are fulfilled.

But it is Gerry Mouse who is able to awaken the long-buried heart in Big Man. Through his efforts to help Gerry Mouse find happiness, Big Man mobilizes others like him and is left with a sense of gratitude and peace that can only come from giving.

In this episode, you’ll hear
  • More about Gerry Mouse, Gerry Mouse Sings & Gerry Mouse Swept Away
  • Through her story, Charlotte hopes to raise awareness about the plight of indigent children and ultimately encourage the more privileged members of society to help them
  • Charlotte also shares inspiration for her stories and gives us a sneak peek into her upcoming books & much more…

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Finally, where can we find more about Charlotte & Gerry Mouse?

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