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Reading with your Kids Podcast Starring Jackie Minniti

Special Treat Time! Jackie Minniti, journalist and author of the historical novel, Jacqueline, joins us today to share insights from her wonderful and touching new novel for middle grade readers.

Jackie’s second novel, “Jacqueline,” is a middle grade historical based on an experience her father (a WWII veteran) had while stationed in France shortly after D-Day. It was the only war story he was willing to share and became part of the family lore. Set in Nazi-occupied Rennes in 1944, “Jacqueline” is a tale of faith, family, unlikely friendships and the resiliency of the human spirit. With the drama of fiction and the authenticity of personal history, it is both a story about family and a family’s story. “Jacqueline” is published by Anaiah Press and has won an Eric Hoffer Book Award and received a Literary Classics Seal of Approval and a gold medal for historical fiction from the Literary Classics Book Awards.

Jackie lives on Treasure Island, a small beach town on Florida’s west coast, with her husband and two rather noisy macaws, but she frequently travels back to New Jersey to visit her three children and six grand kids.

The very best fiction is usually based on some truth whether it be personal or historical. Author Jackie Minniti combines both in her compelling novel, Jacqueline, a story of a young girl and her family’s tragedies and triumphs set to the backdrop of World War II occupied France. Though written for middle-graders, the novel is able to reach and inform all generations of the horrors of war as seen through the eyes of a young girl devastated by the news of the loss of her adored father. In the story, we watch fascinated as Jacqueline and her mother overcome starvation, persecution, and the loss of their beloved neighbours who were brutally dispatched to a Nazi concentration camp. Jacqueline will have middle graders, as well as adults, charmed and fascinated by this young girl’s tale of heartache and hope.

Tune in  as Jackie talks about her background and her novel Jacqueline. She also shares how Jacqueline  was inspired by an experience her dad, a 99 year-old WWII vet, had while stationed in France with the 127th General Hospital in 1944. A little girl named Jacqueline began following him to and from the military hospital where he worked. Their friendship blossomed, and when the 127th was transferred to another city, her father promised Jacqueline that if he ever had a daughter, he’d name her Jacqueline.

Stay tuned as Jackie tells us why she resisted writing the story of young Jacqueline for years & What finally tipped the scales and convinced her to tell her story.

Want to know What’s next for the talented Jacqueline Minniti? Be sure to listen & find out!

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