Join the Adventures of Gabby and Maddox with Steve Altier!

Join the Adventures of Gabby and Maddox with Steve Altier! post thumbnail image


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A Heart -To-Heart with Steve Altier, Gabby and Maddox

Today, we’re delighted to feature Steve Altier, Valrico resident and author on the Reading with Your kids Podcast. Steve has written and published his second illustrated children’s book, Gabby and Maddox Adventures in Italy! The inspiration for this second book starring Gabby and her brother, Maddox, came about after a trip Altier and his wife took to Italy.

In this episode, get to know Steve,  Discover how his own life experiences shaped his books in the Gabby and Maddox series, Take a peek inside his book, And find out the secrets behind his creative processes. Get your cup of coffee ready, and let’s get started!

Here’s more information about Steve Altier

steveAward-winning author Steve Altier was born in a small town in central Pennsylvania. He currently lives in the Tampa Bay Metro area with his wife. Steve has four daughters and three loving cats.

He’s an avid reader who also enjoys bowling and spending time at amusement parks. He loves to travel, take trips to the beach, or just laying around the pool spending time with family and friends. With his vivid imagination, he enjoys writing children’s and young adult stories.

Steve had aspirations of being a writer when he was young. He took a journalism course in high school. Life, however, as with most people, took him on a different path. He joined the Air Force after high school and spent four years serving and protecting this country.

When asked if he would branch off into a different genre other than children’s books, Steve replied he would like to work on young adult novels as well as children’s books.

Steve’s goal is to continue to work on his books, producing one or two a year. He indicated that it was a wonderful feeling and a sense of accomplishment to get the book written, work with the editors, illustrators and in the end, see it all come together when it’s published.

He also likes to work with local charities specifically related to children’s hospitals and clinics.

Finally, when asked if there were any words of wisdom he would like to impart on his readership, he simply said, “Always follow your dreams.”

More about Gabby and Maddox – Adventures in Italy

The author who brought you “We Can’t Move at Christmas!” now brings you the first book in the Gabby and Maddox adventure series in this book “Adventures in Italy!” Travel back in time with the siblings to the days of ancient Rome. Enjoy the Roman Chariot races and visit the Coliseum where great classic gladiator battles were fought. See the fine paintings of Michael Angelo at the Sistine Chapel. Their journey also includes stops in Pisa where they visit The Leaning Tower of Pisa and a final stop in Venice the city entirely built on the water! And much, much more. Also includes lots of fun facts about Italy, an “Anti-Bully,” and “Good Sportsmanship” messages.

In this episode

  • Steve Altier discusses all of the three box in the Gabby and Maddox series titled We Can’t Move at Christmas, Blast Off with Gabby and Maddox & Gabby and Maddox – Adventures in Italy
  • Steve shares his inspiration for writing this fun series
  • He explains how Gabby and Maddox series has a lot of fun facts about Italy  along with a message of good sportsmanship and anti-bullying.
  • What’s next for Steve & much more… Tune in now to learn more about Steve and the adventures of Gabby and Maddox!

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