The Sex Decision : A Novel by Ellen Piano

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Reading with Your Kids Podcast Starring Ellen Piano

Hello everyone, welcome back to another entertaining episode of Reading with your kids Podcast. Today we had a chance to speak with Ellen Piano, author of a young adult novel The Sex Decision. Her novel covers several important topics that needs to be discussed such as freedom of the press, teen pregnancy & The sex decision.

One of the most difficult subjects for parents to discuss with their teenage daughters and sons is sex.  Often they say too little, mostly warnings.  Ellen’s YA novel features a 17-year-old girl whose popular new boyfriend is pressuring her for sex.  How she reacts forms the basic plot. Ellen strongly believes that parents most influence their teen’s decisions about sex — more than peers, the media, teachers and educators, and others. Ellen is joining us to give more details about her book & to share how it would be much easier for teens to delay sexual activity and avoid teen pregnancy if they were able to have more open, honest conversations about these topics with their parents. Listen and hear what Ellen has to share- you will be amazed by her insights!


Image result for ellen creaneAt age 20, Ellen Piano made her first sale, a series of 10 feature stories about her summer adventure in Europe, to a metropolitan newspaper. This ignited her passion for publishing. She went on to sell more features, write teaching guides and romance novels, plus work full-time in marketing for Random House and The New York Times. Ellen has taught high school journalism and writing courses at community colleges. She lives in Connecticut with her husband, a retired journalist, plays a little jazz piano, and feeds the neighbourhood cat affectionately named Killer. Ellen uses the pen name Ellen Piano to distinguish her fiction from her non-fiction writing.  She writes non-fiction under her original given name, Rita Ellen Stone.


The Sex Decision is a young-adult novel by Ellen Piano.  When her popular athlete boyfriend pressures her for sex, Janine must make a decision that could affect her whole life! Her decision about Hal’s demands haunt Janine while she investigates dangerous conditions at her beloved grandmother’s retirement home and seeks to publish controversial issues in her online high school newspaper. As editor, Janine’s interviews with pregnant teens lead to the shocking truth about Hal and his new demand. She finally learns why she cared so much for him and why he demanded sex from her. Can she dare risk romance with another attractive man? Perhaps it could be Nick, a handsome college sophomore who admires Janine’s crusading journalism, and more.

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