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Introducing Sojourner McConnell, Author of ‘Who’s that in the Cat Pajamas?’

Today we’re delighted to have the author of “Who’s That in The Cat Pajamas?”, Sojourner McConnell, at Reading with Your Kids Podcast. Sojourner is joining us to discuss her new book, her journey to become a writer and more. Listen as Sojourner shares how her book provides children with the lesson that while change is hard and even scary, change can also be a wondrous adventure; an opportunity of a lifetime. Be sure to tune in!


Here’s some information about Sojourner McConnell

Sojourner McConnellBorn and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. Sojourner McConnell lives in Winchester, Kentucky with one of her daughters and three of her thirteen grandchildren. She has six grandchildren in Alabama and four that live in Michigan. With all those children and grandchildren, she has crafted her storytelling skills. Sojourner’s new book is a children’s chapter book, Who’s That in the Cat Pajamas which is available on Amazon now. Her next book, Blip, is a sci-fi book with humor and intrigue and is due out by December 2017. The Path of the Child, The Power of Forgiveness, and 31 Days of October are also available in paperback and in eBook format on Amazon and other retailers. Sojourner brings a taste of strong personalities with a healthy dose of southern charm to her characters.

When not writing, she is busy entertaining her Australian Shepherd, Beau. Unfortunately, Beau tends to get jealous when she spends too much time working on the computer.

More about Who’s That in the Cat Pajamas?

Who's That in the Cat Pajamas?When the wind brings the cries of children to her pointed ears, Dolcey is spurred into action. Comforting and aiding children in need are her main focus. Welcome to Dolcey’s world. Welcome to a world of magic and endless possibilities. When Emily has a big problem, her family tries to help, but some problems need something special to make things right. Just when it seemed she was destined to be doomed, she discovers an unexpected savior- a magical cat that will lead her on a spectacular spectacle of an adventure like no other! After all, no one can handle a problem like a loving fairy named Dolcey.

Stay tuned as Sojourner talks about “Who’s That in The Cat Pajamas? & inspiration for the story behind it. She also discusses the main character of her book Dolcey and gives us a sneak peek into upcoming books in this series. Be sure to Listen to this episode & feel free to share!


To learn more about Sojourner

Visit her Website: Http://sojournermcconnell.blogspot.com

Blog: https://vickgoodwin.wordpress.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SojournerMcConnell/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ThePageTurner1

Amazon Author Page: Amazon Author Page for Sojourner McConnell


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