Let’s Discuss “Ten Little Night Stars” by Deb Gruelle!!

Let’s Discuss “Ten Little Night Stars” by Deb Gruelle!! post thumbnail image

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Author Deb Gruelle on Cultivating Courage & Curiosity – “Ten Little Night Stars”

Hello, everybody,

Listen in as we talk with debut children’s author Deb Gruelle about faith, writing, and her latest picture book “Ten Little Night Stars“.

Written by Deb Gruelle, great-great-grand-niece of Johnny Gruelle, the creator of Raggedy Ann and Andy, Ten Little Night Stars is the perfect bedtime story for parents and children alike.

Tune in to learn all about Ten Little Night Stars, a cute bedtime book with colorful pictures, educational sweet rhyming story, and most importantly praying to God make this one extra special!


More about Ten Little Night Stars


One little night star,

Twinkling in deep blue.

I run inside to take my bath,

Then there are…


Ten Little Night Stars by Deb


by Deb Gruelle 
Illustrated by Gabi Murphy
Board Book/ Religious
20 pages



Ten Little Night Stars is a sweet bedtime counting book perfect for the youngest readers. One by one the stars come out in the night sky as cute and cuddly animals go through their bedtime routines. This board book will encourage children to turn the page with interactive and engaging rhyme as it takes them through the routine of bath time, story time, and sleep. Written by Deb Gruelle, great-grand-niece of Johnny Gruelle, the creator of Raggedy Ann and Andy, Ten Little Night Stars is the perfect bedtime story for parents and children alike.

A portion of the proceeds from Ten Little Night Stars will go to A21 to help more children sleep safely.

You can find Ten Little Night Stars on AmazonZondervanTargetBarnes & Noble, and in bookstores.


In this podcast, you’ll hear

  • The inspiration and backstory behind Deb’s children’s book, “Ten Little Night Stars
  • What’s it like having the book out in the world? How long had she been working on it, from start to publication?
  • The most important thing she wants readers to gain from her books?
  • What can Deb’s fans look forward to next, other projects and much more…

More about Deb Gruelle

Bestselling author, Deb GruelleBestselling author, Deb Gruelle’s latest interactive board book, Ten Little Night Stars, helps children securely transition to sleep as it teaches them to count the stars appearing at night. (Zondervan/HarperCollins)

Deb is related to Johnny Gruelle, the creator of Raggedy Ann and Andy and grew up on his whimsical stories. She now feels honored to share new children’s stories to enrich children’s lives and encourage giggling. Though both Deb’s parents and kids are quite artistic, this skill seems to have skipped her entirely. That’s one reason she’s so grateful for Gabi Murphy, the wonderful illustrator for Ten Little Night Stars.

She’s an advocate of reading to children early and often. She loved (and survived)  homeschooling her three multi-cultural children, who are now adults. (Just ask her about the challenges of raising children who fit like square pegs in the round holes of typical school systems.) She lives in Northern California where she enjoys reading mysteries and eating popcorn on her porch swing in the summer and by her fireplace in winter.


Connect with Deb:

Her website: www.debgruelle.com

Facebook: DebGruelleAuthor
Twitter: DebGruelleAuth
Instagram: DebGruelleAuthor
Pinterest: DebGruelleAuthor


We would like to say a huge thank you to Deb for doing this interview! We’re very excited to see what she does next!  We hope you have enjoyed listening to this episode and be sure to keep your eye out for her future books.


We’d love to hear from you!  Contact us and together we can discuss what ideas you think should be included in a future episode, and we can explore potentially setting up an interview. Our goal is to have all voices at the table!

Thanks for tuning in and have a beautiful day😆

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