MEET Children’s Author & Educator, Judy Weagle!!

MEET Children’s Author & Educator, Judy Weagle!! post thumbnail image

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An Interview With Judy Weagle, Teacher Turned Children’s Author

 judy weagle


Yes! It’s another Reading with Your Kids Podcast!

Join us to welcome author Judy Weagle who taught elementary school for 25 years and is now writing books to empower children through storytelling with themes of positive persistence and anti-bullying.

Judy is here to talk about her wonderful children’s books including “Lisa and her Pyjamas” which is based on positive persistence and tolerance. “Dandelion” is based on anti-bullying. “Magical Words” is based on respect and positive empowerment of others.

So what are you waiting for? Tune in & join the fun!


About Judy Weagle

Judy WeagleMy name is Judy Weagle. I was born and brought up in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. I graduated from McMaster University in Hamilton and also from Hamilton Teachers’ College.

I taught elementary school for twenty-five years. I taught in the Halton Separate School Board, the Sudbury District Roman Catholic Separate School Board, and the York Catholic District School Board where I retired from in 2013.

Now I have chosen to self-publish children’s books in order to continue to empower them through my books and my presentations. So far I have written and published three books.

Reading with your kids podcast starring Judy Weagle

My first is titled “Lisa and her Pyjamas”. The second is titled “Dandelion” and the third one is “Magical Words”. I intend to continue writing stories and perhaps even poems in the near future to empower children and also to motivate them to do right and positive things in their lives.

Where can we find Judy and her books online?

Her website:

Connect with her on Facebook



In this episode of the Reading with Your Kids Podcast, you’ll hear:

  • Judy Weagle introduces us to all the three books she has written so far including Lisa and her PyjamasDandelionMagical Words
  • What was the inspiration for her books in the first place?
  • Lisa and her Pyjamas is a great story about overcoming bullying. Why tackle this issue?
  • What makes your book about bullying different than all the others?
  • What are some of the important lessons her books teach to young children?
  • What should we expect to see from you next?


A huge thank you to Judy Weagle for joining us and for sharing her fun little book with us!



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Have a wonderful Thursday!

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